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    April 13, 2017

    Product Update: More Control Over Your Fulfillment, eBay Connection, and Parcel Invoice Reconciliation

    Choose the Item Receipts you want to use for Fulfillment

    In this release, Infoplus now gives you the ability to override the item receipts that are allowed to be used to fulfill your orders.  When this feature is used, rather than just following the allocation rules assigned to your items, Infoplus will only allow the item receipts that you have assigned to the order to be used for allocation.  

    This feature can be used when you have a special need to fulfill an order out of one particular inventory lot, such as for a QC check, or to break FIFO when special circumstances require it.  All you have to do is assign the item receipt to the order, and Infoplus will take care of the rest.

    To take advantage of this new option, when you are creating or editing an order in Infoplus, expand the “Advanced” option, then select your receipts in the Override Item Receipts for Fulfillment field. 

    Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 4.16.03 PM.png

    eBay Shopping Cart Connection

    Infoplus has just added eBay to its list of supported Shopping Cart Connections.  If you sell your items on eBay, you can now integrate your eBay store directly into Infoplus, so your orders, inventory, and shipments are synced in real time.  Get in touch with the Infoplus support team and we’ll help you setup your connection today.

    Reconcile your Parcel Invoices to your WMS Activity

    The latest development in the new 3PL Billing app gives you the ability to reconcile every line from your Parcel Invoices with WMS activity inside of Infoplus.  Now, after you upload your UPS or FedEx invoice, you can run a process to reconcile the lines from those invoices with the LOB, order, and shipment within Infoplus that they originated from.  This will allow you to generate invoices for your clients, and include WMS activity as well as parcel freight, based on billing rules that you define and set up in Infoplus.

    Changelog for Release 62

    • IPWMS-5608 Ability to assign Order Lines to Item Receipts for allocation
    • IPWMS-6522 Build direct SCC integration with eBay
    • IPWMS-6805 Process all freight activity to reconcile it to its source WMS records
    • IPWMS-6431 Indirect supply & demand are not properly taken into account throughout Inventory Index

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