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    March 29, 2018

    Product Update: Attach Files to Orders, Receipts, ASN, and Records with File Manager and More

    This week’s release includes a number of bug fixes, as well as a new feature we’re excited to introduce: File Manager.  Remove email from your operations with the ability to attached images, pdfs, packing slips, documents and more directly to your orders, warehouse receipts, locations, or any other record in Infoplus. 

    File Manager

    File Manager makes it easier to keep track of important documents, and it is accessible on all data types throughout Infoplus, including orders, items, quick receipts, ASNs, etc. Add files to special orders, or add a PDF to an item that contains special shipping instructions. File Manager’s usefulness is limited only by your imagination. Give it a try today!

    IPWMS-9140:  Fix Shopify order import 50+ bug
    IPWMS-2299:  Add QDIM record-level File Manager
    IPDESK-1728: 3PL billing error creating invoice worksheet
    IPDESK-1722: Fix - Cannot ship my orders due to rules engine error
    IPDESK-1718: Magento integration selling out of stock items
    IPDESK-1713: ASN upload fix, no longer allowing duplicate line items
    IPDESK-1706: Fixed error when creating an invoice worksheet

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