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    May 11, 2018

    Product Update: New Light Manufacturing Module, Inventory Status Changes, Shopping Cart Plugin Updates and More

    This week's release introduces the new Light Manufacturing module. This goal of this new module is to provide a way for Infoplus users to plan and track light manufacturing workflows in their warehouse.

    Light Manufacturing

    Users can allocate inventory from warehouse stock to supply inputs to a manufacturing process. You can also direct and track the work of assembly and manufacturing tasks, and create receipts of those assembled goods. Infoplus produces documentation to keep track of materials (bill of materials), manage the steps of a job, and guide the assembly process, tracking all data about specific assemblies.

    There are a few new tables within Infoplus to support Light Manufacturing, including Job and Job Recipe. The Job table allows users to keep track of open jobs and view and filter their associated work orders and production runs. The Job Recipe table can be used to create new jobs from its actions menu, and is particularly useful for managing jobs you do on a periodic basis.

    Finally, to support this module, Infoplus has a new Run Job warehouse app. This is the app where users can track assembly work, view job details, and review assembly instructions and steps.  

    To get started with Light Manufacturing in Infoplus, reach out to Infoplus Support today.

    Magento and Woo Commerce Shopping Cart Plugins Updates

    The Infoplus shopping cart connections for both Magento 1 and 2 have been updated to support Magento installations with multiple stores on a single Magento instance. These multi-store sites can now be connected to Infoplus, with each store integrated to a different Line of Business.

    Infoplus’ WooCommerce shopping cart connection connection has been updated to support orders from WooCommerce for Bundles, which will land in Infoplus as Dynamic Kits.

    User Security Settings

    Infoplus administrative users can now configure the idle timeout for user sessions within Infoplus. There is a new field on the Role table called Idle Session Timeout, which controls this setting.

    Stock Statuses across Inventory Management

    A new Order Source Stock Status table has been added to the Inventory Management app in Infoplus. If you are using Order Source Reservations, this table provides a view into your inventory, to allow you to proactively manage your business, by letting you know when you need adjust your reservations or order more stock for items in low stock status.

    IPWMS-9357: Update Magento 1&2 to support multiple stores in one site as multiple LOB's
    IPDESK-1810: Various work app fixes to prevent duplicate work
    IPWMS-9019: Expose Order Source Stock Status table
    IPWMS-9369: Update Magento plugin to add index on install
    IPWMS-9345: Ability to set the idle timeout per role
    IPWMS-9112: Jobs Work app completion
    IPDESK:1821: Fixed packing station bug with Kits and allocation from multiple PO Lots
    IPDESK:1811: Fixed bug when attempting bulk tagging on the Item table
    IPDESK-1813: modify date not being updated on receipts received through warehouse app
    IPDESK-1806: Fix Order assembly guide missing order-level assembly instructions
    IPDESK-1805: Fix issue where Infoplus is not closing invoices for a subset of Magento orders
    IPDESK-1804: Bulk Ship Parcel Orders process should mark order as Shipped if parcels on the order are shipped
    IPDESK-1796: error pushing some item quantities to ChannelAdvisor Shopping Cart Connection (skus with special characters)
    IPDESK-1791: Fix Triggers not running on ASN status updates
    IPWMS-9489: Country Code is Coming Over as an Abbreviation for WooCommerce
    IPWMS-9236: WooCommerce - add dynamic kits
    IPDESK-1823: Orderable quantity and item description sometimes missing from order entry screen (also blocking selection of Override Receipts for Fulfillment)

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