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    November 2, 2018

    Product Update: Optimizations in Packing and Shipping apps, Customized Cartonization, and More.

    Last week’s release was focused on updates to our Packing and Shipping apps, and customization for cartonization using scripts. Read more below to learn about the recent bug fixes and more.

    New Optimizations in Packing & Shipping apps

    The Infoplus Packing & Shipping apps have been updated to help optimize the pack & ship operations of your parcel business. After completing an order in the Packing station, you can now click a link to go directly into the Shipping station for that order. Please note: this option makes sense if you only have one physical station where you're doing both packing and shipping, so you don't have to manually navigate between the apps. After shipping is complete, a single click takes you back to Packing, so you can move on to your next order.

    Using the new Ship Station Criteria table in Infoplus, you can configure some of the behaviors of the Shipping station. You can now choose if you want to verify the weight of each carton as you ship, for an order that is fully packed. Without this option, Infoplus uses the packed item weights and the carton weight, but if you include variable weight packing materials, or otherwise want to verify the weight during shipping, now you can. The Ship Station Criteria also allows you to opt-out of having your users acknowledge weight-check exceptions during shipping.

    Customize Cartonization using Scripts

    You can now use a script in Infoplus to customize the logic to decide what Carton Types are available for your orders, when using automatic Cartonization as part of your fulfillment processes.

    You can make decisions in your script based on any attributes of the order or the carton types. For example, if you have orders shipping with a certain carrier, and they must use the carrier's cartons, you can ensure that the order only has those carton types available. Or if you have specific carton types that you want to use only for orders shipping via air service, you can do that as well.

    To get started, create a new Script, and choose the Cartonization type. Then, in your Fulfillment Plans choose that script in the Cartonization Script field. Contact our support team for more information.

    IPWMS-9025: The Edit Order Prices process in Infoplus now allows you to set an Override Declared Value on each line item of an order. If you set a value here, it will be passed to your parcel carriers when generating commercial invoices for your international orders.
    IPDESK-2202: Updated receiving worksheets to pull through Rev. Date field from ASN's
    IPDESK-2193: Improved error messaging when customized parcel reference field values are too long.
    IPDESK-2187: Fixed 3PL billing order line activity tables to always include Number of Touches field.
    IPDESK-2184: Fixed packing slips to always be able to show Number of Cartons on cartonized orders.
    IPDESK-2182: Updated Shopping Cart webhook handlers to match with or without "www" prefix in URLs.
    IPDESK-2178: Added option to Infoplus API (v2.0 and beta) to use proper timezone/UTC behavior.
    IPDESK-2155: Fixed editing of ASNs to cause re-computing of indexed Open PO Quantity field on items which are removed from an ASN.

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