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Product Update: Pick to Cart Optimizations, Live Chat Support and More.

This week's release is focused on updates to Infoplus Pick-to-Cart picking methodology and pushing Support to the next level.  Between the two, Infoplus is helping you optimize your pick pack and ship operations, give you better visibility to your data, and be right by your side in live chat support for any questions, comments or concerns that you might have. 

Pick to Cart Optimizations

  • You can now pre-define your pick Carts in Infoplus, and scan them when you begin a Pick-to-Cart work batch.
  • If you’re using the option of pre-defining the position LPN’s on your Cart, you can skip the step of assigning cart positions to each order on your cart.  
  • You can view your carts, and cart locations (bin positions) to see what processes and orders are currently assigned to them, or have been assigned to them in the past.
  • The new Manage Cart app allows you to print the parcel labels and packing documents for your process directly from your mobile device. 

Live Chat Support

Live Chat is now available for Support! When submitting tickets on our portal during regular business hours, you will notice a new blue icon at the bottom right of the browser screen. If you click on it, you can start a live chat with one of our support members. Live Chat is being introduced as an alternative to tickets, for quick answers and resolutions. Try it out today!

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 10.36.33 AM

IPWMS-9341: Optimized Magento Inventory push
IPWMS-9022: Update Shopping Cart Connections to push Order-Source Reservation based quantity
IPWMS-9109: Pick to Cart & Cartonization improvements
IPDESK-1755  Bug fix: User Emails Showing Across LOB's
IPWMS-9234:  Fix to DHL International Carrier Manifest Report
IPWMS-9221: Update eBay to support international orders (was: GHC - Int'l eBay Order Shopping Cart Script)
IPWMS-9207: Option to allow users to export more than 10,000 rows
IPWMS-8568: Add id to Order Source drop downs
IPWMS-8548:  Fix packing slip, cartonized, multiple PO lots for one SKU, in one carton, gets duplicated
IPDESK-1764: Fix eBay variant inventory level pushes
IPDESK-1760: Fix fulfillment process error when Customer PO No too long.
IPDESK-1747: API Bug fix for missing bill to city error
IPDESK-1750:  Fix to delete confirmation dialogs
IPDESK-1745: Fix fulfillment processing errors when syncing dollar amounts
IPDESK-1743:  Fulfillment Process Error - Dynamic kits potentially missing components
IPDESK-1726:  Processing issue - 2 of item was allocated instead of 1 after retry of substitution
IPDESK-1723: Fix auto-adjustment of USPS carrier codes for international orders

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