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    May 12, 2017

    Product Update: Print Labels per Carton, Shopping Carts Inventory Levels for Selected Warehouses, and Faster Background Jobs

    Shipping Station: Print Labels per Carton

    A new option has been added to our Shipping Station 2.0 beta app, to help your usage of the app match your operating processes in your facility.  For orders that are being “built” in the Shipping Station app, you can now choose to have the app print the parcel labels after each carton, instead of only after the whole order is shipped.  

    To turn on this option, go to the Profile screen in Infoplus, and look for Ship Station Settings at the bottom of the page.  Then reload the Shipping Station app, and you’ll start to see the difference.  

    Shopping Carts Inventory Levels for Selected Warehouses

    We have added a new feature to our Shopping Cart Connections to allow you to choose a subset of your warehouses that should be included when Infoplus is pushing inventory levels to your shopping cart.  

    For example, if you have one physical warehouse in Infoplus, and a second virtual warehouse in Infoplus, previously, we would have always sent your overall sum orderable quantity across both of those warehouses to your Shopping Carts.  With this new feature, you can edit your Shopping Cart Connection in Infoplus, and specify that you only want to include inventory from your physical warehouse.  Then, when we push inventory levels to the cart, we’ll only look at the orderable quantity in the specified warehouse.  

    Faster Background Jobs

    Our engineering team has completed an upgrade to one of the core modules of Infoplus that processes all background jobs, such as running Triggers, pulling and pushing updates to shopping carts, and recording audits.  After this upgrade, we are now able to dynamically adjust the number of processing threads that are allocated per job type, to both increase our overall throughput, as well as to let us allocate more resources to the more critical types of jobs.  

    What does this mean for you?  One change should be orders moving from the Pending to On Order status faster, because of their Triggers being executed faster.  This also strengthens our foundation for handling heavy activity loads, such as flash sales or Cyber Monday.

    Update on new, faster Fulfillment Processing

    We also wanted to provide a follow-up to an announcement we made to some clients earlier this year, regarding performance improvements.  One area we were addressing is background jobs, and per the section above, we have just completed one significant portion of that project.  

    Another area was a rewrite of the core business logic in Infoplus that processes orders (which includes inventory allocation, along with updating orders from On Order to Processed).  We started development on this project during the last development sprint.  We are still a few releases away from having it ready for beta testing, but progress is continuing, and things are looking good so far.  Stay tuned to this space for more updates.

    Changelog: Release 64

    • IPWMS-6981 - Enable Shipping Station app to be able to optionally print label cartons per carton instead of per order
    • IPWMS-6648 - Allow Shopping Cart Connections to specify which warehouse(s) to use for pushing inventory levels
    • IPWMS-6986 - Convert all queue message processors to use dynamic multi-threaded processing
    • IPWMS-6864 - Block Sporadic duplicate shopping cart orders
    • IPWMS-6980 - Add Alcohol fields to Inventory Activity snapshot table for 3PL Billing app
    • IPWMS-7128 - Create "Headless" filter widget for embedded filters within other features
    • IPWMS-7130 - POC for Fulfillment Speed

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