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    March 18, 2016

    Product Update: Bulk Edit Items, Bug Fixes

    Bulk Edit on Items

    As bulk capabilities continue to expand in Infoplus, the option to Bulk Edit Items is now available. Quickly update fields and attributes across multiple Item Records in a single process.  

    This allows you to:

    • Reduce the time spent manually updating one record at a time
    • Update most fields associated with an Item with the exception of Status, LOB and SKU
    • Utilize Infoblocks to assist with ongoing Item updates by using Tags to group the items and then update them all at once

    Read more on how to Bulk Edit Items in the Infoplus Knowledge Base.

    Changelog: Release 35

    IPWMS-4523 After scanning an invalid loction, system still allows you to pick from that location
    IPWMS-4443 Add Bulk Edit capabilities to Items
    IPWMS-4442 Remove metrics and metric controls from Mobile App Dashboard
    IPWMS-4440 LOB 265-Shipment Confirmation Emails
    IPWMS-4434 Changing Inventory Status Bug
    IPWMS-4385 Add runtime assertions that are checked during fulfillment
    IPWMS-4369 Fix View Screen tabs, storing of full layout in localStorage instead of just keys
    IPWMS-4337 Verify and fix 3rd party and Residential behaviors in Infoplus
    IPWMS-4336 Improvements to Orders - Duplicate function
    IPWMS-4321 Saturday Delivery Mobile Shipping UI
    IPWMS-4229 Inventory Receipts missing Distribution Date
    IPWMS-4102 Update ios app to work with pistol grip scanner (was: Update mobile app to support bluetooth scanner without field being focused)
    IPWMS-3141 When attempting to copy data in Infoplus using a Windows OS, CTRL + C takes you to the "Create New Order" Screen. Behavior is different using MAC
    IPWMS-1788 Add Low Stocks
    IPWMS-1774 When clicking the double arrow button for a single row in a list of 3 or less items, the actions list is getting cut off

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