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    April 15, 2016

    Product Update: Receiving, Bulk Edit Orders, Bulk Delete Items

    Improvements in Receiving

    Receiving has been improved to increase efficiency and the quality of your inventory---from automatically defaulting certain fields and exposing full descriptions in the Receiving Worksheet, to adding new fields in the Quick Receipts table that will help you stay on top of your inventory pricing---these updates make receiving better in Infoplus. 

    • New fields have all been added to Quick Receipts for Cost, Sell and Pricing Per
    • Line Item fields will be pre-filled based on the most recently "received" Item Receipt for the same SKU
    • Full description of the Items that are being added to a Receiving Worksheet will be displayed wherever that item’s information is available

    Learn about the new fields in the Create Quick Receipts Article in our Knowledge Base. 

    More Bulk Capabilities

    Also, announcing new Bulk Delete capabilities for Items and Bulk Editing of Orders:

    • Bulk Delete as many Items as you need in a single process
    • Bulk Edit your Order headers to change fields, such as Carrier, on multiple Orders at once

     Learn how to Bulk Delete Items and Bulk Edit Orders in the Infoplus Knowledge Base. 

    Bonus Updates

    With a single click, find out which Orders didn’t allocate because they are set to Ship Complete. The new Ship Complete System Tag in Infoplus will automatically be applied to Orders that aren’t fulfillable due to insufficient inventory.

    Read about this Ship Complete System Tag in the Infoplus Knowledge Base.

    Changelog: Release 37

    IPWMS-4664 Default Past Receiving Details in Receiving Worksheet
    IPWMS-4663 Quick Receipt does not allow for capturing of pricing (cost, sell)
    IPWMS-4444 Add Bulk Delete capabilities to Items
    IPWMS-3749 Inconsistent data between Location record, IPC and Mobile Inventory status app
    IPWMS-1361 Create System tag for Orders that couldn't ship due to Ship Complete
    IPWMS-966  Add bulk Edit to Order headers

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