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    September 30, 2019

    Product Update: Summer 2019

    Several new features have been added to Infoplus WMS over the past few months, which gives you more control of your warehouse operations, integrations, and data. 

    Whether it’s an entirely new feature, bug fixes, or new feature requests; Infoplus continues to build a quality product to ensure our customers have a more efficient and productive warehouse.  

    In the area of fulfillment operations, you can now use Pick to Cart by SKU, and you can generate custom Smart Documents automatically while running fulfillment.  There’s also a new process summary document, which can help you prepare your carton packing area while orders are being picked. 

    For connecting to EDI partners, you can now create custom outbound EDI document types, to trade documents Infoplus does not natively support.  For example, you can send an 846 (Inventory Advice) or 832 (Catalog), based on data in your Infoplus account, or a send completely custom 864 (Text Message) documents.  

    You can now take control of even more of your data and setup in Infoplus, by adding new Lines of Business, creating your own Custom Fields for Infoplus tables, creating your own Non-Parcel carriers, and adding the NMFC/Commodity Codes that apply to your items - all without going through Infoplus Support.  

    Infoplus can also now be setup to automatically send your customers a delivery confirmation emails when their packages are delivered.   

    New Features

    Pick to Cart - By SKU

    In addition to being able to Pick to Cart by Order, the option to Pick to Cart by SKU has been added to Infoplus.  Use this option to have each bin on the cart represent a single SKU across a batch of orders, as opposed to each bin on the cart representing a single order.

    Custom Outbound EDI Documents

    Send custom outbound EDI documents to your partners using Infoplus Scripts.  Use this new feature when needing to send an outbound EDI document that’s not currently supported via the Infoplus standard EDI document types. Previously, this feature was available for inbound EDI document types, but it’s now available for outbound too.

    Create Smart Documents and Barcode Templates for sub-records

    Create Smart Documents and Barcode Templates for sub-records, such as line items on an order or orders on a fulfillment process.  Use this new feature to create documents with pages for all lines on an order, or all orders in a process, to help drive your custom warehouse workflows.

    Delivery Confirmation Emails

    Infoplus can now be setup to automatically send out-for-delivery and delivery-confirmation emails to customers for parcel shipments produced through Infoplus.  Setup these emails using the Email Templates table, and automatically send them by assigning email templates to your orders. You can setup default templates to be used at the Order Source level.  

    Product Updates

    Item NMFC Support for Bills of Lading

    NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification) codes can now be associated to items in Infoplus.  When producing a Bill of Lading that contains one of these items, the NMFC code will appear. 

    Limit the number of SKUs when running Fulfillment

    A new field has been added to fulfillment, Max Number of SKUs.  Use this field to limit the number of items that can be included when running fulfillment.

    Fulfillment Process Summary Document

    A new document is now automatically produced when running fulfillment.  The Fulfillment Process Summary Document contains the process number and work batch number along with barcodes for both of these fields.  The document also contains the total orders, SKUs, picks, and also a full list of the cartons needed for the process (if running pre-cartonization). 

    Parcel Label Creation Order when running Fulfillment

    Another new field has been added to fulfillment, Label Sort. Use this field to control the order in which parcel labels are generated during fulfillment, either ascending or descending by order number.

    Knowledge Base Updates

    New Articles

    Quick Fixes and Change Log

    • IPDESK-2798: Fixed an issue where the Inventory Adjustment table wasn’t displaying the SKU column.
    • IPDESK-2780: Shopify connections now support manually importing orders by ID when the ID has a prefix in front of the number (e.g. “KR23421”).
    • IPDESK-2778: Added some validation so the warehouse field cannot be changed on warehouse locations when there’s product located in that location. 
    • IPDESK-2777: The Quick Receipt table now shows the username of the user who created the record.
    • IPDESK-2769: Static carts with more than 20 cart locations weren’t showing carts over number 20 in the Cart table.
    • IPDESK-2766: The Shipments table now shows the carton type used for the shipment.
    • IPDESK-2755: Fixed an issue where scripts were incorrectly copying over custom line item data from one item to another.
    • IPDESK-2710: Fixed an issue where USPS International labels that contain 3 pages weren’t formatted correctly on 4x6 label stock.
    • IPDESK-2701: Fixed an issue in 3pl Billing where Billing Rules were using the activity record’s create date, rather than record’s create date.
    • IPDESK-2698: Cleaned up audits and error messaging when attempting to fulfill a Kit on Demand with a component item in “Blocked” status.
    • IPDESK-2691: Removed some redundant columns when reviewing search results in Infoplus.
    • IPDESK-2690: Added the ability to create multiple Invoice Worksheets at once in 3pl Billing.
    • IPDESK-2685: Added bulk load/edit/delete capabilities to the Billing Data Plan table in 3pl Billing.
    • IPDESK-2665: Increased fulfillment process robustness in the event of a network interruption. 
    • IPDESK-2662: If auto-scale or auto-print is not configured, messaging appears in the ship station app stating this.
    • IPDESK-2639: Added “Total Demand” field to Item table which includes the demand for an item if it’s the result of a substitution or a kit component. 
    • IPDESK-2638: New optional field added to Shopify Shopping Cart Connections, Override Location Id.
    • IPDESK-2627: Performance improvements when sending emails out of Infoplus (order confirmation, shipment confirmation, custom).
    • IPDESK-2570: Add Billing Code button is no longer blocked/covered when using the Receiving app on in iPad.
    • IPDESK-2684: Fixed an issue where UPS Mail Innovations tracking numbers were not being linked when Infoplus sends those to Shopify. 
    • IPDESK-2634: Smart Filter list is sorted alphabetically across all tables. 
    • IPDESK-2622: Improved visual feedback when using the Find Work mobile app.
    • IPDESK-2667: Fulfilling Kit on Demand and Outside Vendor items simultaneously will no longer cause unexpected results.
    • IPDESK-2651: Fixed an issue where orders weren’t being updated to shipped status when using pre-cartonization during fulfillment and the pack station app.
    • IPDESK-2645: Billing Codes are no longer duplicated when using the Populate Billing Data process in 3pl Billing.
    • IPDESK-2641: Product ID tags are sorted alphabetically in packing slips and order invoices.
    • IPWMS-10539: Added support for generic parcel invoice uploads for 3pl Billing.
    • IPWMS-8561: Added a lambda function to avoid missing orders from Shopping Carts when Infoplus is down for maintenance.
    • IPDESK-2653: The quantity field in the location table can now be retrieved by the Infoplus API.
    • IPDESK-2633: Fixed an issue where the Pick Summary created during fulfillment was showing incomplete information.
    • IPDESK-2620: Fixed an issue where dates weren’t being properly formatted during Billing Code bulk load.
    • IPWMS-10873: Visual improvements to the order view screen when items shipped from multiple PO lots.
    • IPDESK-2621: Fixed an issue where casebreak labels were missing from the casebreak label PDF file.
    • IPDESK-2619: Added messaging to fulfillment when attempting to produce packing slips but the order/process doesn’t have a packing slip template defined.
    • IPDESK-2609: Carton type table has been enhanced so weights can now have 3 digits of precision.
    • IPDESK-2592: Fixed an issue where bulk load was failing due to unexpected characters in the file name.
    • IPDESK-2573: Fixed an issue where an order’s priority code wasn’t updating after saving the order.
    • IPDESK-2814 - Customer Line Item No not being preserved when backorders are created
    • IPDESK-2811 - Add Order Modify Date field to Order Line table.
    • IPDESK-2806 - Fixed input issue with insurance amount Parcel Accessory
    • IPDESK-2782 - Fixed issue with Kits where KOD Type was not being required to be selected.
    • IPDESK-2731 - Performance improvements on Smart Filters screen.
    • IPWMS-11032 - Updated EDI Connections to be able to re-use AS2 Partner settings
    • IPDESK-2832 - Further adjustments to PDF sizes for multi-page international parcel labels
    • IPDESK-2827 - Fixed some situations where pushing Inventory Levels to woo commerce shopping cart connections would fail
    • IPDESK-2822 - Added carrier field to shipments API endpoint (beta version)
    • IPDESK-2805 - Added warning when Unfulfilling orders, if pick work has already been started, to help users know to return product to stock
    • IPDESK-2868 - Multiple fixes in Run Alternate Location action.
    • IPDESK-2837 - Corrected issue with Orderable quantity calculation on KOD Kit items, impacting false predictions in order’s Fulfillability field.
    • IPWMS-11095 - Add ability for users to create Lines of Business
    • IPDESK-2872 - Added SLA Date as available field on Packing Slip and Order Invoice templates
    • IPDESK-2869 - Fixed error in Item Bulk Edit if items had images associated with them.
    • IPDESK-2866 - Improved error message in Shopify shopping cart connections around Draft orders that cannot be imported.
    • IPDESK-2865 - Fixed issue with Edit Processed Order action, where carrier was allowed to be removed from order.
    • IPDESK-2847 - Fixed no-stock recovery action to properly set back order quantity on line items.
    • IPDESK-2839 - Updated watch feature to fire for more events on Orders (such as processing and shipping)
    • IPDESK-2828 - Fixed issue with bulk loads, where matching customer no. values from multiple LOB’s were giving an error.
    • IPDESK-2823 - Update to Smart Documents on fulfillment processes with sub-record types, to correct when records are sorted.
    • IPDESK-2821 - Added ability to add additional locations to a cart which has been used for processes. 
    • IPWMS-11116 - Added Allocation Detail / Fulfillment Process Log messages to help users identify when inventory will not be allocated because it was skipped by a Location Filter used when running fulfillment
    • IPWMS-11111 - Fixed issue where removing the last order from a fulfillment process would not update the process’s status to Complete
    • IPDESK-2889 - Corrected issue with User Reports, where very long values (e.g., Pre-cartonization estimates) would cause the report to fail to generate.
    • IPDESK-2888 - Added “Print Barcode Template” under “Warehouse Apps” on permissions screen
    • IPDESK-2886 - Fixed item edit to only show Categories and sub-categories from the LOB of the selected item.
    • IPDESK-2877 - Corrected“sku” field in quickReceipt api object (was “SKU”).
    • IPDESK-2876 - Updated Find Work app to recognize pick to cart processes with no picks as being closed.
    • IPDESK-2808 - Updated order bulk load to not require bill-to address fields to be given if a pre-existing customer no is given.  Updated KB & help text.
    • IPDESK-2896 - Fixed mechanism that automatically triggered EDI 856 to run after an order that came from an 850 was shipped
    • IPDESK-2887 - Fixed Location Filters used during Fulfillment Processing to support being sorted by a custom field.
    • IPDESK-2878 - Fixed User Manager tables to properly display all users (was an issue if some were assigned to a LOB by Role and others by User)
    • IPDESK-2861 - Add LOB to Carton & Carton Content tables, updating to complete hide records for users without access to a LOB
    • IPWMS-11118 - Allow users to create their own Commodity Codes
    • IPWMS-11117 - Allow users to create their own Custom Fields
    • IPWMS-11110 - Allow users to create new (non-parcel) carriers; rename existing carriers; remove carriiers;
    • IPDESK-2922 - Update “ship this order” link from packing station to support hotkey & barcode
    • IPDESK-2917 - Add visibility to Item Category & Item Sub Category to Item Receipt table
    • IPDESK-2913 - Fixed storing “Delivery Message” field on shipment records.
    • IPDESK-2897 - Fixed errors editing EDI Connections if their Document Types did not have scripts associated with them.
    • IPDESK-2885 - Improved error message generating some international parcel labels while missing a street 3 / province value.

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