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    April 28, 2017

    Product Update: Shipping Station 2.0 Beta and Better Backorder Support for Order Management

    Shipping Station 2.0 Beta for Warehouse Operations

    We have just released the beta version of our new Shipping Station app for Infoplus Warehouse Operations. Continuing the trend of all of our new warehouse operations apps, this app is designed to give you more context about the order or carton you are shipping, and more clarity about where you are in the shipping process. In this app you can:

    • Scan an order number, tracking number (from a pre-generated parcel label), or a carton LPN (introduced at the packing station).
    • View more details about the order you are working on (both on screen, and in a pop-up if you click the order number), including any Notes that have been added to the order in Infoplus.
    • Build the cartons on the order, including their weight, dimensions, or carton type.
    • Perform a weight check, for an added a layer of quality control in your operations.
    • Produce parcel labels (if needed).

    This app is fully integrated with the Auto Print features of Infoplus, so weight will automatically be read from your integrated scales and labels can automatically be printed on your integrated printers.

    We have heard your feedback, and gone further with making this app usable entirely from the keyboard. Look for hot key indicators on buttons and next to links in the app (like “ctrl-s” and “ctrl-i” in the screenshot below):

    Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 2.14.33 PM.png

    Better Backorders

    We have made two updates to the order management aspect of Infoplus, both of which should help make your orders in Infoplus make more sense to you:

    First, in the past, orders which had no line items with available inventory when they were fulfilled would have caused the original order number (ending in .000) to be “zero shipped”, moving the line items to backorders (ending in .001, .002, etc).  This behavior has been eliminated, so now if an order has no line items that have inventory available during fulfillment the order will remain in On Order status.

    Second, for orders from Shopping Cart Connections that have line items which substitute during fulfillment, Infoplus will now move the pricing over from the originally ordered item to the replacement item, so you will be able to continue to follow your pricing through these substitutions.

    Changelog: Release 63

    • IPWMS-5428 Convert Shipping Station to new Warehouse Apps Framework
    • IPWMS-6984 Make line item pricing from Shopping Carts flow forward through substitutions
    • IPWMS-7020 Update to only create Backorder when some part of the initial order ships

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