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Product Update: Warehouse Document Scripts, Allocation Rule Upgrades, Pack Station Enhancements, and more Field Control

In this week’s updates to Infoplus - write a Script to add a custom message to Fulfillment Pick Work tickets, use new allocation options to determine which products get allocated first during fulfillment, hide/disable fields from view, plus numerous quick fixes in the change log.

New Features

Warehouse Document Scripts

A new script type has been added to Infoplus: Warehouse Document Scripts. This new script type allows for manipulation of Fulfillment Pick Work tickets. Use a Warehouse Document Script to add a custom message to work tickets.

Product Updates

Enhanced Allocation Rules

In addition to allocating inventory by FIFO (First In First Out), Infoplus users now have the option to choose which field that allocation is based on, and if that field is sorted ascending or descending. For example, allocate items based on Expiration Date so items that expire soonest are allocated first.

Hide/Disable a Field in Infoplus

Fields in Infoplus can now be hidden/disabled. Please contact Infoplus Support for more information.

Use the Pack Station without completing Pick Work

Infoplus users are now able to select if they require completion of pick work prior to packing orders in the Pack Station app. Either require pick work completion for quality control or allow an order to be packed without the pick work requirements for greater speed and efficiency.

Knowledge Base Updates

New Articles

Updated Articles

Quick Fixes and Change Log

  • IPWMS-10690: User Reports and Pivot Reports that contain a date time fields, such as Create Date, will now roll up as a date rather than a date time.
  • IPWMS-10236: Within the 3PL Billing module, Billing Rules can now be set up to charge by Sum of Pick Touches.
  • IPDESK-2540: A warning message will appear if prematurely exiting the Receiving app before the receiving process has completed.
  • IPDESK-2574 and IPDESK-2575: Various fixes for Order Invoice Templates
  • IPDESK-2564: Having quotes in carton type names will no longer negatively impact cartonization.
  • IPDESK-2547: Fixed an issue where report metrics with decimals are not being properly displayed on the dashboard.
  • IPDESK-2532: Added indexes to API Log and Script Log tables to improve performance.
  • IPDESK-2530: Lookup Parcel Rate process now returns the appropriate services for USPS.
  • IPDESK-2521: An item’s UPC can now be used to identify ASNs in the Receiving app.
  • IPDESK-2513: Smart docs and barcodes templates will no longer render a blank page when there are errors.
  • IPDESK-2506: Updated the Work app recognize a scenario where an item doesn’t have a barcode.
  • IPDESK-2505: Corrected an issue where the Overall Days on Hand value for an item in Deplete status was being calculated incorrectly.
  • IPDESK-2498: Corrected an issue where the Rate Shop process was returning errors for the 2 Day Service level carrier
  • IPDESK-2492: Fixed an issue where ASNs generated from Quick Receipts weren’t being closed.
  • IPDESK-2487: Fixed an issue where multiple serial numbers couldn’t be selected during the Inventory Transform process.
  • IPDESK-2483: Fixed an issue with receiving where inventory wasn’t being properly receipted when using the Receiving app.
  • IPDESK-2482: Scripts can now be run against the Fulfillment Process Log table.
  • IPDESK-2475: Corrected an issue where the fulfillability column as appearing twice in the Order table.
  • IPDESK-2539: Fixed an issue where a trigger/script could enter an unexpected loop.
  • IPDESK-2476: When viewing an order that as a shipment, the status of that shipment will now appear correctly.

Topics: Auto Order Packaging, Allocation, Warehouse Documents

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