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    April 3, 2015

    Product Update: Release 11

    Create and Modify Orders

    The Order App in Infoplus has now been updated from being a “View Only” screen to allowing users to now create, edit and delete orders.

    • Users can Create a new order by selecting or adding a customer, adding Line Items, choosing a carrier and more.
    • Editing an existing order is now possible with this new update. Users can edit any order that has not been allocated at the time of editing. This will allow users to change carriers, customers and anything else that has the ability to be modified.
    • Users can now delete any order that is unallocated by simply clicking on “Actions” while in the order that should be deleted and choosing “Delete” from the dropdown list of actions. 


    New Packing Slips App

    Infoplus has a new Packing Slip Template application that allows users to create customizable packing slips. With this app, users can use the pre-designed packing slip templates or create their own.

    • These packing slips can be customized by choosing the layout, uploading logos and writing custom messages (marketing, gift, etc…). Line Items can also be sorted by location, pick position or SKU.
    • Create your packing slips while creating or editing an order or users can access this feature by clicking on the “Packing Slip Template” application.
    • Users can create multiple packing slips for with different customizations or just a single packing slip.
    • Packing slips can also be previewed to ensure that it’s designed just the way you want it before printing. 


    More Mobile Phone access for Infoplus

    Infoplus users can now access more desktop apps from their mobile phone device (iPhone or Android).

    • New updates to this feature allows users to search, view, create, edit and delete records all from their mobile phones.
    • Now users can grab their mobile phone, log in to their website and choose the “Desktop View” option from the Menu. 


    Search made easy

    Infoplus has now made it simpler to search for information right within the field that users are in with the new Quickbox function. This feature is found throughout the application whenever the user runs a process or a create/modify screen is visible.

    • When a user clicks on a field that has a drop down menu, users can now click on the “Search” link at the bottom of this box. The user can select the appropriate data and click okay and the field will automatically add the data that the user selected.
    • Quickbox keeps the user within the field, eliminating the stress of having to leave that process to search for the information within another app. 


    Bonus Updates

    User Report Subscriptions Update

    Users can now subscribe to User Reports by clicking on “Subscriptions” in the Manage Filters app or head over to Knowledge Base to read the Solution Article about subscribing to a filter.

    Subscriptions Update

    Downloading “Filter Subscriptions” and “Report Subscriptions Emails” in Excel is now possible. Now, when users receive the email that they are subscribed to, it now contains a “Download” button that will download all of the data onto an Excel Spreadsheet.



    • IPWMS-719 Orders Inset, Edit, Delete functionality
    • IPWMS-833 Create Customizable Packing Slips
    • IPWMS-2309 Ability to subscribe to Reports
    • IPWMS-2316 Phone support for Query on Desktop Application
    • IPWMS-2523 Add link to download Excel version of a Filter Subscription report
    • IPWMS-2525 Add CSI to all quick boxes

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