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    August 14, 2015

    Product Update: Release 20

    Calling all carriers

    Close the loop on all shipments handled outside of Infoplus. Use new External Shipments to update your records whenever you ship any parcel through a third party. This provides extra tracking for your business.

    • Update shipping information in Infoplus, whether by Fedex, a Worldship location, or any other external carrier.
    • Execute multiple External Shipment records with one process.
    • Get more accurate shipping data for searching, viewing and reporting from the thorough Infoplus validation process. 

    Change is good

    They say the only thing constant in life is change. Handle your changes with the ability to modify orders even after they’ve been processed or shipped. This new process lets you edit specific fields that may have been overlooked before the order was allocated.

    • No need to un-allocate an order to make changes. Just click on “Edit Processed Orders” and change what you need.
    • On processed orders, edit the order date, customer number, shipping information, plus other editable fields that allow your order to ship as expected.
    • Modifying a shipped order? Make changes in all of the same fields that are allowed in editing a processed order (with the exception of shipping information, of course).
    • Modify multiple orders in one process. 

    Ship it how you want to

    All shipping isn’t created equal. Now, with the ability to ship non-parcel orders, shipping options are limitless. Ship by will-call, courier, LTL and a multitude of other ways to maximize your logistics.

    • Now ship orders from Infoplus to customers with their chosen method.
    • Infoplus will update the Records for you as “Shipped” once the Non-Parcel Ship process is complete.
    • Create a User Report, set up a filter and filter action, or perform a search to view non-parcel orders. It’s your way or the highway. 


    Bonus Update

    Now view estimated Zone Data coming directly from the carrier in Infoplus.

    • Perform a search on which zones are the most cost efficient for your shipping even before you ship.
    • Create a User Report to analyze your freight spending on a regular basis.



    You now have the ability to…

    • Bulk add tags in the Items table.
    • Create new orders for international customers.
    • Save an Item Pick/Primary Image in an Item’s record.


    • IPDESK-114 Copy data from Description into Packing List Description for Inv 144
    • IPWMS-335 All the Bugs in User QDIM
    • IPWMS-124 Create Process to edit Processed Orders (was: BUG options for editing order after it is processed)
    • IPWMS-1401 Add Zone to data captured on parcel shipments
    • IPWMS-1451 Order Edit - selection of Packing List Template doesn't save
    • IPWMS-154 Pick/Primary Image on Item Management not Saving
    • IPWMS-1586 Antennas Direct Amazon Integration Updates/Modifications
    • IPWMS-1602 Ship non-parcel Orders
    • IPWMS-1747 International Order Data Entry Issue - error when saving>
    • IPWMS-1751 Error While Bulk Adding Tags to Items
    • IPWMS-1790 Create ability to upload external tracking to close out infoplus orders
    • IPWMS-1824 Regression on Order Edit at line item level of unprocessed order
    • IPWMS-2795 WFG Magento activation, eStore deprecation

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