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    December 4, 2015

    Product Update: Quick Inventory Adjustments

    Make Quick Inventory Adjustments

    There is a new, simple two-step process for making quick Inventory Adjustments in Infoplus. A Quick Adjustment allows you to create and execute an Inventory Adjustment for scenarios such as customer audits, inventory counts or damages.

    Now you can:

    • Update warehouse locations with new inventory quantities.
    • Bulk load multiple inventory adjustments using a CSV or Excel spreadsheet.
    • Create Tags and Smart Filters or run searches in the Inventory Adjustment table.

    Create a Report with data associated with your Inventory Adjustments such as increased/decreased amount, authorized by, and adjustments date.

    Learn how to use it in the Create Quick Adjustments Tutorial or reach out to an Infoplus Support Specialist to schedule a personalized demo with your Account Manager.


    Changelog: Release 28

    • IPWMS-2343 Update Possible Values to use tuple queries
    • IPWMS-2952 Create ability to do kiosk printing
    • IPWMS-3360 Add ability to change carrier to mobile shipping UI
    • IPWMS-3494 Make Infoplus auto-recieve Unassembled KOD PO's during Shipping
    • IPWMS-3531 Remove default value from for ship date for fulfimment processes
    • IPWMS-3532 Adjust packing slips with integrated labels to support UPS and Legacy Stock
    • IPWMS-3535 Make QDIM Grids and Tabs show required fields indicator
    • IPWMS-3568 Create bulk adjustment ability (in the style of bulk parcel uploads)

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