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December 18, 2015

Product Update: Parcel Shipment Table

Parcel Shipment Table Updates

New fields have been added to expand the visibility for Parcel Shipments such as Fulfillment Process No, deliver-on date and customer order number. The Parcel Shipment Table provides real-time status updates of your shipments directly from the carrier.

A reminder on what you can do with the Parcel Shipment Table:

  • Set up a daily report of all shipments that were delivered the previous day
  • Get immediate updates on your shipments In Transit, Delivered, Staged and others
  • View parcel details like weight, dimensions, carton number and billing options

Learn how to use it in the Parcel Shipment Tutorial in the Infoplus Knowledge Base.


Changelog: Release 29

  • IPWMS-3730 Changed style of many tooltips from gray to white with green border
  • IPWMS-3689 Updated text used in review & confirm screens of Bulk Insert, Edit, and Delete processes
  • IPWMS-3688 Fixed bugs in cancelling Fulfillment Processes; improved auditing of cancelling Fulfillment on Orders
  • IPWMS-3674, IPWMS-3676, IPWMS-3671 Added support for Infoplus LocalConnect to Shipping Station UI; Added Equipment app and Printer table; Added Auto Print settings to Profile screen
  • IPWMS-3672 Updated some timestamps recorded in Orders and Fulfillment Processes to reflect infoplus local time (to fix some times being 6 hours in the future)
  • IPWMS-3617 Updated Fulfillment Processing to allow PO Boxes for all carries other than UPS & FedEx.  Improved propagation of error messages from carriers when producing parcel labels
  • IPWMS-3565 Fixed bug where Notes appeared to not be saving in Internet Explorer
  • IPWMS-3482 Added several fields from Order table to query & criteria fields on Parcel Shipment table, such as Fulfillment Process No and requested Deliver On Date
  • IPWMS-3413 Fixed bug with validation of addresses for the state of Connecticut
  • IPWMS-3364 Fixed bug where Orders could get included in more than one Fulfillment Process at the same time

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