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    February 18, 2016

    Product Update: Custom Fields, Casebreak Picking

    Custom Fields

    Infoplus has released the ability to set up custom fields on any table for your unique business needs. In addition to capturing your data, you can also query on these customized fields, create smart filters, and run reports.

    • Choose the type of field you would want -- such as Text field or Date field.
    • Give the new field whatever name makes sense to your business.
    • Add informational text that describes the new field’s purpose for your team’s benefit.
    • Contact a Support Engineer to get your custom field set up in Infoplus.
    • Once set up, add the new field to your column display so that you can view the data on your table. 

    Casebreak Picking

    Casebreak support for picking is now available in Infoplus. Parcel Labels for Casebreak cartons are produced when you run Pick, Pack and Ship as part of a Fulfillment Process.

    • Update Casebreak orders to “Shipped” automatically by choosing the Auto-Ship option.
    • Eliminate the step of bringing pallets of product to a pick/pack area unnecessarily.
    • Apply the Parcel Label on cartons and load them directly onto a truck.

    Read about adding a Casebreak picking rule to your Fulfillment Plan in the Infoplus Knowledge Base.

    Changelog: Release 33

    IPWMS-4277 Add additional Infoplucks codes that got missed in IPWMS-3844
    IPWMS-4236 Clean up fulfillment handling of orders that can not be fulfilled and error messages
    IPWMS-4235 Add Case Weight to Quick Receipt
    IPWMS-4230 2nd day Saturday delivery
    IPWMS-4221 Confirm behavior of Weight Check as observed in Shipping Station
    IPWMS-4219 Improve the speed of per-label generation and printing for easypost labels
    IPWMS-4195 Error getting available shipping accessories - Academic Shipping UI 
    IPWMS-4194 Error validating cartons when shipping backorders - Mobile Shipping UI
    IPWMS-4193 Fix User Id column on Work table (was: Add User ID to User Table for visibilty OR expand USER ID to be User in the work table)
    IPWMS-4188 Tabs on Record View screens occassionally not loading
    IPWMS-4119 Add supporting Support for Casebreak to Fulfillment Processses
    IPWMS-3791 Tooltip for disabled "next" button in processes leaking between screens (was: Issues with popups)
    IPWMS-3453 Update Create ASN to prompt for "Add Another" in the new line screen
    IPWMS-2885 Intermittent Issue Deleting Filters
    IPWMS-2319 Framework support for all tables to be able to have a custom extension table, per client
    IPWMS-2005 Duplicating an Item Error
    IPWMS-1913 Using "Duplicate" to add an item will not allow user to save item

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