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    September 11, 2020

    Infoplus Product Update:  Subscription Boxes

    You can now use Infoplus to fulfill orders for the Subscription Box business model, where you ship a variety of SKUs in each box to your subscribers. 

    Subscription Boxes

    The subscription box feature allows Infoplus users to create a unique recipe for each build (eg: you can choose how many products go in a box and which products to choose from for each available slot in the box for each subscription order). You can customize how many slots are in each box and which products are prioritized within the box. 


    To learn more and start using subscription boxes, take a look at our Knowledge Base article, which will take you step by step through creating your first subscription box build. 

    Knowledge Base Updates

    How-To: Disable Duplicate Customer Order Numbers and SKUs
    • You can control whether or not duplicate customer order numbers and SKUs on an order are allowed, using the new Order Property and Order Property Value tables. 
    New Feature: Order Actions Preview Fulfillment
    • Infoplus’s Preview Fulfillment feature lets you select orders and run a Preview Fulfillment process. The outcome will display the pre-fulfillment order summary that is based on if the orders were fulfilled at that moment, what would happen.

    Full Changelog

    This is a complete list of all the items the Infoplus development team has built and enhanced over the past two weeks. 

    • IPDESK-3529 - Fixed intermittent error with saving Lines of Business
    • IPDESK-3525 - Corrected regression accessing warehouse location api objects
    • IPDSEK-3522 - Corrected intermittent error creating 3PL billing invoice worksheets
    • IPDESK-3521 - Updated Preview Fulfillment process to be compatible with Priority Codes
    • IPDESK-3501 - Adjustment to creation of parcel labels to avoid rate limiting errors from carriers
    • IPDESK-3500 - Increased a limit when creating orders that could give errors when too many line-items and/or pieces of extraneous data are given
    • IPDESK-3513 - Corrected issue in ship station for orders that are all casebreak

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