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    August 6, 2018

    Product Update: Partial Picking and Over Picking for Jobs, Improved Error Messaging, and More.

    This week's release is focused on enhanced picking and manufacturing features for Job and Light Manufacturing. The enhancements made to Jobs allows for increased flexibility when picking materials in operations as well as on the put-away, including recording waste. 

    Partial Picks for Jobs / Light Manufacturing

    You can now perform partial pick work within Infoplus. Instead of picking all of your product from a location in one go, you can now short a ticket, giving you the option to close a ticket or leave it open. Leaving a ticket open creates a new ticket for the quantity that wasn’t picked, so you can come back to get it later.  For example, if you’ve been directed to pick more product than you can carry at once, you can use this feature now to indicate how much you’ve completed, while still tracking how much is left to be done.

    Over Picking for Jobs / Light Manufacturing

    Over picking is now supported for job picks within Infoplus. Within the picking app, when the work ticket was created for a Job, you can indicate your desire to over pick and the system will check to make sure the quantity desired is possible. For example, if you’ve been directed to pick a quantity that’s less than a case, you can instead pick a whole case. 

    IPWMS-9683: Partial picking (leave pick work open)
    IPWMS-9603: Overpicking (for jobs)
    IPDESK-1995: Billing code bulk load issues
    IPDESK-1985: Fix for commercial invoices from FedEx not showing correctly
    IPDESK-1983: Fix for ‘Received By’ field not populating in the Item Receipt record for Interactive Receiving
    IPDESK-1981: Ship Parcel Order timezone bug fix
    IPDESK-1956: Improved error messaging in Find Work app when users start work for an LOB their user/role is not associated to

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