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Infoplus Warehouse Manager is the high volume solution for your growing company.  From 100 shipments a day to 100,000.  Small parcel, USPS, LTL, and more.  One production line or hundreds. 

Infoplus Warehouse Manager is built to handle the inbound receiving, inventory control, fulfillment and customized workflow, barcode, and document needs of todays growing eCommerce, Wholesale, and Inventory Management companies.

The Infoplus Warehouse Manager Solution

WMS OperationsWarehouse Operations

Everything for Modern "Four Wall" Operations

When it comes to operations, Infoplus Warehouse Manager Solution  has you covered top to bottom, dock to dock.   From the desktop to the mobile floor apps, to shipping scales and barcode label printing.  Infoplus WMS does Operations 100%. 

Highlight Features:

  • Inbound & Receiving / Quick Receiving, Vendor Compliance, Blind Receipts, ASNs, Purchase Orders
  • Inventory Control / FIFO, Low Stocks, Perpetual Inventory, Lot Control, Demand, Cycle Counts, Zero Verify
  • Picking & Packing / Wave Picking, Cart Picking, Cartonization, Mass Distributions, Case/Pallet Strip-off 
  • Shipping / 70+ Carriers, Small Parcel/USPS/LTL, Commercial Invoices and BOL, Quality Checks 
  • Barcoding and Scanning / 1D, 2D Barcodes, Custom Documents, Printing, Scanning, Integration, GS128
  • And many more

WMS IntegrationsIntegrations and Connections

The more connected a solution is, the more valuable it is. 

The ability to connect, test, and go live with new Shopping Cart, Marketplace, EDI, Retailer, and Carrier integrations in a matter of minutes is business changing.  Infoplus WMS easily integrates with shopping cart, accounting/payment processing software, shipping companies and EDI partners. Infoplus also has an extensive and easy to use API to allow custom tailored solutions for your site or unique setup.

Highlight Features:

  • Shopping Carts / 45+ Shopping Carts integrated, Real-time Orders, Inventory and Shipments, Monitoring
  • EDI and Retailers / 850, 855, 856, 8xx Series, 9xx Series, GS128 labels, Ability to Custom Map Fields 
  • Marketplaces / Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Vendor Central, eBay, Walmart, more...
  • Carriers / 70+ Carriers and Shipping Partners, USPS, UPS, Fedex, DHL, Label Automation, RMAs, Real-time tracking,
    BOL, Commercial Invoices International Shipping 
  • Real-time API / Full REST JSON API, Ability to Create, Update, Query and Remove Data, Automate Process,
    Pre-built Libraries in many different languages 
  • And many more

WMS Reporting and Report WritingReports, Data, and Customization

It's your data and workflow.  It's our job to make it easy for you.

Orders, Inventory, Customer Service, Reports, Insights, Workflows and more.  Infoplus Warehouse Management Software is a great solution that works with your business; grows and molds to it. Never constraints it. 

Highlight Features:

  • Reports / User Defined Reports, Subscriptions, Custom Report Builder, Excel, PDF, Real-time Pivots 
  • Building Blocks / Smart Filters, Favorites, User Defined Fields and Tags, Alerts, Shares
  • Scripts / Ability to Customize Data, Processes, Workflows, Reports, API Integrations, EDI, and more
  • Dashboards / Create, Shape and Share Dashboards for Office and Warehouse Floor Teams
  • Audits / Fully audit the changes and lifecycle of any Order, Shipment, Item or Records, Attach files, images,
    documents, notes, and restrict access as needed
  • And many more 

WMS Customer ServiceCustomer Service

The Right Team; Right Beside You; Focused on Your Success. 

It's a Core Value for Infoplus.  Your success IS our success.  It makes it simple for us.  Do what it takes to make you successful.  From our products, our people, our policies, and our straight-forward way of treating our partners.   Your success IS our success.   We focus on doing what we can to help create it. 

Highlight Features:

  • #1 Support Team / 24/7 Midwest Support and Engineering Teams Oncall.  Always Included, Never extra  
  • Onboarding Teams / Dedicated teams specialized in getting you live and successful in less than six weeks
  • Account Management / Account Manager focused on ensuring your success now, and in the future
  • Professional Services / Teams available to handle onsite training, integrations, go-lives and consulting
  • Product Development  / Working with the Product Teams to shape the future of the platform
  • And many more 

More Features.  Fully Flexible.  #1 Support Team.

Easy to say, hard to believe.  Infoplus WMS has more features, better solutions, and the #1 support team in the industry.  Get in touch with our team to have a quick and easy conversation. 

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