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We all have customers to serve whether in eCommerce, 3PL, wholesale or internally. Giving them the products, service and information they need - when they need it - makes them raving fans. It's at the core of what we do at Infoplus so that you can create the same benefits for your customers.

Shipment Tracking - Real-time information on every packaged shipped from your warehouse available to you and your customers. 

Confirmations - Receipt and Shipment confirmation notifications sent directly to the inbox of every customer.

3PL Customer Portal - Give them access to the data they need with unique customer user accounts.

Report Builder - No more time spent creating reports for customers, create it, schedule it, forget it. Report builder sends user defined reports directly to customers inbox.

Omni-channel Inventory Management - Ensure your customers know exactly what's in stock and when they can expect to receive it. No more overselling (unless you want to).

Backorder Management - Wait for everything to arrive in your warehouse or automatically notify them of an unexpected backorder.  Either way, an informed customer is a happier customer.

Performance Metrics - Tracking is improving. See exactly how your teams are performing by creating and tracking the metrics that matter to your business and manage operations against those benchmarks. A healthy warehouse translates to healthy customers.


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We are happy to help, and when we can't, we will put you in contact with those who can. 

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