The Infoplus Teams

We are a company of people and values, both we hold close.  See what drives us and how your success is how we measure our success. 

Support Teams

The Support Team

Once onboarding has made raving fans of Infoplus, our support team takes over and their focus - 'Keep customers raving fans of Infoplus'. They are empowered to do what it takes to get results (core values again) and that's exactly what they do. Matt Aussieker leads this team and explains it perfectly "First and foremost we solve the immediate need. But second to that and equally as important is ensuring it's solved forever". That's why the Infoplus support team digs in to understand what's ultimately trying to be accomplished. They're the largest contributor to product enhancements and new features based on this approach to understanding what are customers are doing on a daily basis and how they can enhance that experience or said differently, keep them raving fans of Infoplus. 



Accounts Team

The Accounts Team

‘Customer Success is our Success’. The accounts team at Infoplus knows that our success is greater when our clients are successful. With that singular focus, our account management teams engage in a meaningful, sometimes hard, yet always beneficial approach to leading our clients to success. Sometimes problem solvers, often times a sounding board, but always a partner focused on your success as much as you are. "It’s the magic sauce" as Katie Miller (Director of Operations) puts it and coming from Memphis she knows a little about what makes a good sauce.


Sales and Marketing Team

The Sales & Marketing Team

Our goal for sales and marketing is no different than any other, facilitate growth. It's the motivation behind it that sets this team apart. Motivated by a passion for helping people and businesses succeed this team takes a very unique approach to sales. As Aaron Litzinger (Dir. Bus. Dev) explains "Our team is just as happy to suggest a different solution as we are to sell Infoplus. We want to truly understand each unique challenge a customer faces and help them create a great solution. More times than not, Infoplus is that solution, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't." We readily admit this approach to sales may not seem like a recipe for success, but couple that with onboarding and support making customers raving fans of Infoplus and we beg to differ. 


Onboarding Teams

The Onboarding Team

It's more than just handing you the keys for us and no team reflects that more than Infoplus Onboarding. They have very simple marching orders - 'Make customers raving fans of Infoplus' and boy do they take that to heart. These warehouse and logistics lifers waste no time diving in. Listening to learn (another core value of Infoplus) is their approach. They know warehousing and as they learn your business and challenges, the outcome will leave you as nothing less than a raving fan of Infoplus. Our onboarding manager Carter Lowe says it best - "We're not here to tell them how to run their operations, though we certainly don't shy away from suggesting best practices, we'd much rather help them run it the way they see fit. After all, who knows their business better than they do?".



Engineering Team

The Engineering Team

Our Engineering team has a passion and a gift for building great software. They use that passion to create solutions that people in the real world love to use, and that solve real-world problems. Their core focus, every day - 'Make the impossible....possible'. Couple that with our vision and the mantra is simple. Make the easy things easy, and the hard things possible.  With over 80 years experience in engineering for the logistics industry, they understand how what they create is actually used in operations. That translates to success for everyone involved. 


Management Team

The Executive Team

Lovingly referred to as the "Three Headed Monster" here at Infoplus. Our executive team consists of two lifelong friends and co-founders James Maes (CEO) and Darin Kelkhoff (CTO) along with relative newcomer Garret Richardson (VP). Each bringing an element of innovation, creation and motivation to the team. When these three get together (formally or over a beer) the outcome is often unexpected and always in line with our vision and values. Said best by James "Our core values and commitments drive everything we do. With that lense in focus everyone wins, our customers, our teams and Infoplus". 


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