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Born out of a 3PL, a core team built this cloud software solution for people who need it. People like us. People like you.

  • Do it with deep knowledge and respect for how difficult fulfillment is.
  • Do it with the experience that comes from 35 years handling logistics solutions for thousands of clients.
  • Do it with more passion for the dusty parts of ecommerce than anyone else.
  • Listen and strive for better ways to do it.
  • Make it smarter.
  • Make it uniquely better.
  • Bring disruptive value to our customers.
  • Make software you love using as much as we love building it.

executive team

James Maes
CEO & Co-Founder

It’s your data. We’re passionate about ensuring you have full access so you can leverage that data to gain insights that make your business better.
James ensures Infoplus exceeds your expectations at every level.
James Maes has been working with Information technology tools and systems in the ecommerce, logistics, manufacturing and distribution industry for over 15 years. His expertise is in the design, implementation and deployment of complex ecommerce sales, inventory management and operations systems. James former role was as CTO with Materialogic, a world class third-party logistics provider specializing in ecommerce and marketing material distribution.
Clinton Lane
President & Co-Founder

Infoplus is in a great position. Our software is redefining B2C and B2B distribution and the future of online sales. The ecommerce marketplace is on the verge of dramatic change, and Infoplus is perfectly positioned to lead that disruption.
Clint provides guidance, experience and leadership to steer the company.
Clint Lane began his working career as a corporate and securities attorney in New York City. Clint transitioned to investment banking, joining the Investment Banking Group at Merrill Lynch & Co. where he rose to the level of Managing Director. Clint left Wall Street to work with his father in the family 3PL business, Materialogic, as the CEO and President. Clint has made a number of angel investments in technology startup companies over the years and is familiar with the challenges involved in launching and growing a successful technology platform.
Darin Kelkhoff
CTO & Co-Founder

We build software you’ll love using as much as we love building it.
Darin ensures your Infoplus features, data and security are their very best.
Darin Kelkhoff has worked side by side with James since before college, and together they have created a unified vision for how Infoplus can become the dominate force in this industry. Before co-founding and becoming the CTO for Infoplus, Darin had spent the last 10 years on the cutting edge of technology and software development. As a Director of Engineering and Senior Architect, Darin has a history of building teams and technology platforms in demanding industries.
Beth Jatcko

Our Support Team is simply the best. Nice, smart people who go the extra mile every time.
Beth makes sure Infoplus is operating at the top of its game.
Beth Jatcko has a long and celebrated career as one of the great creative and operational leaders in her industry. Her experience working with Fortune 50 companies as a Vice President and Partner with FleishmanHillard, one of the largest PR agencies in the world, has positioned her to handle just about anything thrown her way.
Mark Muenks
CFO & Co-Founder

Technology is power. Our goal is to hand that power to small and medium sized businesses so they can win in the ultra-competitive fulfillment space, to be their own Amazon, without breaking the bank.
Mark runs the numbers and the strategy behind them.
Mark Muenks has been in the financial, information technology and third party logistics businesses for over seventeen years. Mark’s exposure across a wide variety of businesses and their unique needs -- including direct-to-consumer wine shipments, nutraceutical companies, high end camera gear, and other diverse ecommerce companies where tough EDI requirements must be met -- have allowed him to fully integrate the overall needs of the ecommerce market place.
Garret Richardson
VP/Client Solutions

Let's make it smarter and uniquely better by using our expertise, and especially by listening.
Garret is a partner in understanding your challenges and showing how Infoplus helps solve them.
Garret Richardson joined Infoplus after an incredibly successful run as a leader, manager and visionary at one of the largest logistics payments and auditing companies in the world. With over 10 years of experience in transportation/supply chain Industry, Garret designed system solutions, implemented them through solid leadership, built teams to support them and then sold them to the global 1000 market.
Teresa Wirrick
Director of Accounts

We have deep respect for this business. It’s exhilarating. And exhausting. So is running a warehouse. We know that.
Teresa shares her industry knowledge freely to help you run your business.
With her 20+ years of warehousing, distribution, fulfillment and special projects experience, Teresa Wirrick understands how to successfully integrate Infoplus with all types of businesses models, from startup to Fortune 1000, from ecommerce to manufacturing. She has deep experience managing and developing complex ecommerce, distribution and fulfillment accounts across a range of companies. Teresa is more than a SME in this industry, it’s the essence of who she is.

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