a powerful, affordable software service to manage your own orders, inventory, warehouse and shipments

proven to help retail and manufacturing companies of any size compete, profit, and grow
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simply stated, Infoplus is...

Infoplus is a Secure Cloud Based Inventory Management Software
Infoplus Commerce
a cloud platform to manage your
Infoplus Integrations
multi-channel sales
Order Management
Infoplus Developers API
api integrations
Infoplus Communicates with Suppliers
Inventory Management
Infoplus communicates with Accounting Software
Infoplus Commerce Orders and Inventory Management
Warehouse Management
Warehouse and Shipment Management
Shipping Integrations
Infoplus Communicates with Shipping Partners
Shipping Management
Infoplus Communicates with edi Clients
Shipping Integrations
Infoplus Warehouse Management Software endures Happy Clients
happy business partners
Infoplus WMS keeps your Business Partners Happy
happy customers

designed to make what you do better, faster, cheaper


Reduce Costs
Increase Sales
Increase Profitability


Reduce Errors
Optimize Labor
Better Utilize Space


Reduce Lead Times
Get Order Accuracy
Make Customers Happy


Integrate with Plugins
Take API Control
Optimize Equipment

Infoplus Testimonial

Thank you for your efforts to get our business on solid footing during a year of change for our team. I can absolutely say it was for the better.

--Frank O'Dowd, Chefs' Warehouse

Our clients let Infoplus do their heavy lifting

packages shipped
lbs of freight
orders placed

integrate your 3rd party systems to create a true hub

accurate, real time information exchange to power your business with simple plugins
Infoplus integrates with Amazon
Infoplus integrates with SPS Commerce
Infoplus integrates with Big Commerce
Infoplus Integrates with Commerce Hub
Infoplus integrates with Ebay
Infoplus integrates with Magento
Infoplus integrates with Shopify
Infoplus integrates with WooCommerce

developers, take control with our API

Integrate your own 3rd party systems and manage data your way with access to the Infoplus full API
Infoplus Developers API Testimonial

It works! This rocks!

--Dane Westivik, Clearbags

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We’re incredibly proud of this proven product built with our expertise in the fulfillment world. We believe so deeply you will love Infoplus that you won’t pay a dime until you’re up and running. And very happy you made the right choice. Run your business with Amazon-like accuracy and efficiency. Make more profit. Let us help.
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