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    Take the Chaos Out of Your 3PL Billing Process

    Record Everything, from Time to Transactions

    Ensure that your invoices are comprehensive and error-free, with a full activity record. You can even bill for things like assembly and value-add services.

    Customize Your Billing as Needed

    Use filters to create tiered pricing categories, then create simple or complex rules to automate billing and invoicing. Never miss a line item or bill date again!

    Worlds Apart from Manual Billing

    Automatically generate invoices, activity reports, and audits—Infoplus lets you gain control of your billing so you better serve your customers and keep cash flowing.

    Build Your 3PL Billing Matrix

    Sometimes things are billed according to standard rules and procedures…but there are always exceptions and one-off scenarios. Infoplus 3PL billing solution takes a “Building Blocks” approach that lets you set and automate billing rules and billing codes to systematically record billable activities, as well as tag and track special expenses. You’ll be able to capture—and justify—every penny of revenue. See how it works

    Visibility and Transparency for Everyone

    Clients want to understand everything, from how they are charged to what is really driving added value. With Infoplus, you can track everything your 3PL does…as well as outside charges, such as shipping rates and parcel invoices.

    Learn about transparency

    Go Beyond the Paper Trail

    We all know it: Manual processes just don’t scale well. So why handle your 3pl billing manually? Capture activity, attach billing codes, and schedule communications automatically using our 3PL billing software.

    Learn More About Scaling a 3PL
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    Scale Your 3PL with the Right Talent, Tactics, and Technology

    Ready to grow your 3PL and take it to new heights? You’ll need a blend of the right talent, tactics and technology. We’ve done it before, and we can help you scale. Here you’ll learn how to…

    • Streamline Processes
    • Optimize Layout and Procedures
    • Invest Wisely in Technology
    • How to Put it All Together to See the Gains
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    3PL Billing Software That Will Fuel Your Growth

    Billing is mission critical for any 3PL, so don’t let manual processes or ill-suited software get in the way. Explore how Infoplus 3PL billing software can streamline billing and unlock your growth potential.

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