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    Never Worry about Accurate Billing Again

    Record Everything, from Time to Transactions

    Ensure that your invoices are comprehensive and error-free with a full activity record. You can even bill for things like assembly and value-add services.

    Customize Your Billing Rules

    Use filters to create tiered pricing categories, then create simple or complex rules to automate billing and invoicing to work within your daily operations.

    Automate Manual Invoicing

    Make invoicing as painless as possible for everyone with automatically generated invoices, activity reports, and audits.

    Here’s how to create your own automated billing matrix.

    To bill a variety of clients for different services, you need a whole set of rules, including for one-off scenarios, to ensure you capture every penny of revenue. We can help you leverage Building Blocks to automate those rules, smart filters to generate service tiers for each rule, tags to track charges outside your basic rules, and billing codes to systematically record activities that happened outside of the WMS.

    Visibility is key for customers. Does your invoice tracking measure up?

    Clients need to know exactly what they’re paying for, so a system that automatically tracks all billable activity and then demonstrates where that effort went is invaluable. It’ll help your clients understand just how much you do for them. With Infoplus, you can even add shipping rates and parcel invoices to each customer invoice, or attach billing codes for accurate invoicing without a manual paper trail.

    Implement your ideal solution.

    To exceed customer expectations, you need the latest technology — including analytics, machine learning, and task automation — but you also need a solution designed for your business. Find your perfect fit today.

    WMS for 3PL Third-party logistics requires in-depth, custom billing software because it’s more than just warehousing at scale. It’s a service for a huge number of stakeholders and industries, and 3PL warehouses need to account for a plethora of factors when making every single decision. That’s why we built a WMS specifically for 3PLs. Explore the WMS
    Light Manufacturing Do you take on any value-add services like kitting, assembly, or even light manufacturing for your clients? Then you know it’s vital that those activities aren’t divorced from the rest of your warehouse workflows and client systems. Infoplus WMS seamlessly incorporates light manufacturing so that you can pull those finished goods into inventory or outbound — and bill for the time spent on that work. Explore Light Manufacturing

    Steak in the Game

    Download the full-length case study where you will find:

    • The 7 challenges created by seasonal demand swings
    • The additional challenge of special inventory
    • The specific Infoplus features that helped Allen Brothers meet these challenges
    • The benefits of real time data and strict lot control
    • How Infoplus helped manage labor, packing materials, and shipping options to maximize efficiency

    Download the Case Study
    Less Than 30% of U.S. warehouses and logistics centers are operating efficiently
    Almost 40% are depending on basic or legacy warehouse management systems
    Theresa Mazzola
    3 years at Infoplus

    From estimate to exact.

    We’re here to help you get you the tools, knowledge, and expertise you need to ensure your billing process catapults the growth of your 3PL business.

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