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    August 1, 2019

    4 Essential Pieces of Warehouse Equipment

    Warehouses’ needs vary widely, but if there is one principle that is universal, it’s that all warehouse operations must drive the efficient flow of materials in, through, and out of the warehouse. Mapping out space and predetermining pick paths is vital to creating that flow.

    But your warehouse setup is more than just a design on a piece of graph paper. As we described on our previous article detailly,  you will need to purchase equipment to facilitate the flow of goods through each area—without blowing your initial budget, of course. And that fact begs the inevitable question: Which pieces of equipment are absolutely essential when setting up a proper warehouse?

    Here’s the dirty secret: No one piece of equipment is essential for your warehouse. Warehouse equipment is essential—or not—depending on your products, your volume, and your business model.

    Here we created an infographic to point out 4 Essential Pieces of warehouse equipment that you might need according to your warehouse setup.

    4essential-warehouse-equipment-infographic_infopluscommerce_300_02If you are looking to learn more about setting up an efficient receiving area layout, check our "4 Functions Of A Warehouse, And The Essential Warehouse Equipment For Each" blog post.

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