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    July 25, 2019

    6 Shipping Area Layout Missteps to Avoid

    There is no room for a mistake in efficient warehouse management. And mistakes during warehouse operations can be costly. Here we covered six critical shipping area layout missteps to avoid for efficient shipping area layout. 

    1. Flawed Layout-- Is there an upstream bottleneck?
    2. Lack of Quality Control-- Is someone checking packed orders for accuracy and completeness?
    3. Poor Packing Stations Design-- Do your workers have space and materials they need?
    4. Unclear Documentation-- Do your workers know what they need to do, and how to do it?
    5. Unnecessary Steps-- How often is an order “touched”? Can you remove or automate steps?
    6. Clutter-- Is the area messy? Dirty? Disorganized? Would you want your stuff lying there?


    6_Things_That_Will_Sabotage_a_Shipping_Area_Layout_infopluscommerceIf you are looking to learn more about setting up an efficient receiving area layout, check our "6 Things That Will Sabotage a Shipping Area Layout" blog post.

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