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    Work with Others Seamlessly

    Take Advantage of Our EDI

    Selling through large chains, like Target and Walmart, requires an electronic data interchange (EDI) to reduce errors and increase efficiency. Infoplus makes that happen.

    Integrate and Customize with APIs

    Integrate Infoplus functionality into other platforms like your ERP, shopping cart, accounting system, and more. Ensure that all systems are in sync for flawless performance.

    Exceed Their Expectations

    Every partner and retailer is a little different, setting their own standards and protocols. Our solutions help you keep track of and meet those standards, even when your own protocols differ.

    Doing Business with Large Retailers?

    Your first product on the shelves of a big box store is a huge win. It also means growing pains—including the sudden need to integrate with EDI systems and understand EDI protocols. Infoplus can help. Wait, what’s EDI?

    Works for Multiple Networks and EDI VANs

    A single large retailer is complicated. Multiple EDI VANs is a whole different level of wild. This requires integrations across multiple networks for seamless data exchange and communication.

    Learns more about VANs

    Need a crash course on EDI?

    If you are working with a “big box” retail chain or similar large retailer, you might be required to link your system with their via EDI. This can be a daunting process—but Infoplus is here to help. Check out our EDI Epic, where you can learn:

    • Why Retailers Still Use EDI
    • The Difference Between EDI and APIs
    • The Most Common EDI Code (and what they mean)
    • The Difference Between an EDI service and an EDI platform
    • User-friendly Definitions of Key EDI Terms
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    When You Hit the Big Time, You Need Expert Help

    When your items appear in large retail chains, it’s a huge win—but now you need to meet their strict SLAs. Infoplus not only helps you do that, but it can talk to their systems, too. Let us help you set this up.

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