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Light Manufacturing Companies

When managing components and finished goods

Inventory levels are hard enough to get right when you only deal in finished goods.  We get it, that's why Infoplus has created 'Light Manufacturing' to help you manage not only the inventory around components, but the process of turning it into finished goods for sale.

Consistency, inventory availability and process control are key when manufacturing goods. Whether you're building kits, custom prints, or automobiles it's all a combination of components, quantities and steps. That's why Infoplus Light Manufacturing lets the user define each step of the process and control exactly how it's tracked along the way.

WMS Light Manufacturing


Recipes and Jobs

Build your own process - on the fly or in advance

Key Features:

  • Recipes - Define each component, output and step
  • Tracking - Track at the Job, Step or Output level
  • Documentation - Bill of Material, job overview, step instructions, finished good receipts, barcode labels
  • Layouts - design the job as an assembly line or and end-to-end build

Inventory Control

Sell what you've made and what you haven't

Key Features:

  • Low Stocks - Alerted when your low on finished goods or components
  • Build On Demand - Sell what you can make, even if you haven't made it yet
  • Available Quantity - analyze finished goods with component inventory to know exactly how much is available on how much you can make


Incorporate operational controls into light manufacturing

Key Features:

  • Picking - utilize custom pick methodologies even for manufacturing components
  • Ship from production - Finish a job, ship it straight from the line
  • Receiving - Formally receive each finished good against a manufacturing receipt record for data integrity


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