eCommerce Retailers and Infoplus

Technology to meet the ever growing demands put on order fulfillment

eCommerce Retailers

When customer SLA matter most

What they want, when they want it....and free. We know consumer demands are unforgiving. Meet them and have a customer for life. Our focus is the same as yours - make our customers raving fans. From support to the platform itself, everything is focused on making you successful - and a fan of Infoplus.

Channel Integrations - Shipping Integrations - Bundles and Kits - Pick to Cart or Wave - Channel Inventory Management - Automated Triggers. No matter the feature you need every tool is designed to make your customers feel like a VIP while keeping your operations under control. 

eCommerce Shipping


eCommerce OrdersOrders

eCommerce is all about doing it quickly, doing it correctly, and doing it repetitively.  Receive them - Pack them - Ship them.   Make happy customers. 

Key Features:

  • 120 Sales and Financial Channel Integrations
  • Tags and Triggers - automate actions to save time
  • Kits and Bundles - ensure every piece makes it in the box no matter how you sell it
  • Order status updates and confirmations sent directly to your customers
  • Metrics and Reports - create, view and schedule delivery


eCommerce InventoryInventory

Manage it how you want

Key Features:

  • Quick Receipts, POs and ASNs
  • Order channel inventory management
  • Lot control, serial control, barcodes and scanning
  • Low stock and reorder alerts
  • Replenish and relocate


eCommerce FulfillmentFulfillment

If it's not your strong suit, let's make it one together.

Key Features:

  • Methods - Analyze, group and process in bulk automatically or order by order
  • 50+ shipping integrations - Labels, Tracking and Confirmations
  • Mobile Compatible - perform warehouse work on devices you understand
  • Scanning - verify at each step of the process
  • Rate Shopping / Discounted Rates - know ahead of time with who and how to ship each package


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