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How to Create a Commercial Invoice

When shipping internationally, you might want to set up commercial invoices to describe the value of the goods within the shipment for customs.

What is a Commercial Invoice?

A commercial invoice is a type of invoice required to ship packages internationally. Commercial invoices describe the value of the goods within the shipment, which is crucial for customs agents to properly vet and process incoming international imports.

Before setting up the Commercial Invoice, you need to set up your International Shipping. Please click on this link to complete this process. Requirements to Set Up International Shipping

How to Generate A Commercial Invoice

Infoplus has partnered with EasyPost for most shipping options. Go here to learn more about how EasyPost generates the fields in a commercial invoice: EasyPost Commercial Invoice Guide

Commonly Asked Questions:

1. Can I pass values into a commercial invoice? 

    • Yes, you can. To do this, you will need to use a manifest script. Please review Customizing Manifest Calls Using Scripts for more information. In general, you will update the shipment map, specifically the options portion of the shipment call, and add the corresponding field that you need to change. 
    • Example:

     // setup the directive for 3rd party duties/taxes //


      var dutiesMap = {};

      dutiesMap["type"] =  "THIRD_PARTY";

      dutiesMap["account"] =  thirdPartyParcelAccount.accountNo;

      dutiesMap["postal_code"] = thirdPartyParcelAccount.zipCode;

      dutiesMap["country"] =  thirdPartyParcelAccount.countryCode;


      // update the shipment map //


      shipmentMapForRate.get('options').put('duty_payment', dutiesMap);

2. What does a Commercial Invoice look like?

3. Where can I find my Commercial Invoices?

    • You can find your Commercial Invoice attached to your Order record under the Warehouse Documents.


4. Is there a way to opt-out of automatic commercial invoice generation and reporting to carriers via API?

    • At this time, no. There is no way to opt-out of the automatic creation of commercial invoices.