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How to Enable eHub in Infoplus

After setting up your eHub account, you will need to enable eHub to integrate with Infoplus.

After you retrieve your eHub API key and have your eHub account set up, you will need to enable eHub to integrate with Infoplus. 

Steps to Set Up eHub in Infoplus:

1. Navigate to the Parcel Account table

2. Click on 'Create New' 

3. Enter in the name of the Carrier and the Carrier Company

  • Currently, the eHub integration includes DHL eCommerce, FedEx, FedEx SmartPost, USPS, UPS, and Tusk Logistics. 

4. (Optional) Enter the LOB and Order Source if applicable 

5. In the 'Account No' field, just put USPS

Note: All account numbers MUST be unique. If there already exists a Parcel Account with "USPS", change the above to a different, logical identifier.

6. Then, from the dropdown for 'Manifest Partner', select eHub

NOTE: It is very important that all your information is correct prior to completing this process. Once Saved, you cannot change the Manifest Partner. If for any reason the Manifest Partner is entered wrong and the record is saved, the process will need to be recreated and the non-functional Parcel account left unused and designated with a "DO NOT USE".

7. Enter in the 'Manifest Partner ID' -- this is the account ID number associated with your eHub account. You should receive this number during your account setup with eHub. 

8. In the 'Manifest Partner Credentials field, enter the API Key you received from eHub.

9. Click Save