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How to Retrieve an eHub API Key

Steps to find an API key for eHub and how to set up the connection with Infoplus.

  1. Log in to admin.essentialhub.com
    1. If you do not have a login please reach out to support@ehub.com.
  2. On the side menu select “API” and then click on “V2”
  3. After letting the page load your API key will be on the top right corner of the page.
  4. Be sure to select the whole key, Ctrl+A (Windows) or Cmd+A (MAC) is usually the best option as the key may contain hyphens, commas, semicolons, or periods that will cause a double click to not select the whole token.

How to Add the eHub API Key to Infoplus

  1. Navigate to the parcel account table and select the eHub parcel account you need to update. If a new Parcel Account is needed, create a new one in Infoplus using this article
  2. Copy the API code and paste it into the Manifest Partner Credentials box in Infoplus.
  3.    There are two additional fields that are optional:
    • LOB (Line of Business): If you do select a LOB to assign this parcel account to, this will restrict this parcel account to only that selected Line of Business 
      • You can only specify one LOB per parcel account
      • You can create the same parcel account multiple times and assign it to other LOBs
      • If you create a parcel account and assign a LOB on the parcel account record, do not add the Parcel Account as a default on the Line of Business record as this will produce errors when editing this Parcel Account, such as the following:  
        • Error: The selected LOB is not allowed because a different LOB is already assigned to a different Parcel Account
          • To move past this error you must remove the LOB value from the Parcel Account record. This will allow you to edit and save changes to the Parcel Account.
          • At that point, a user should set the default on the LOB record for this Carrier.
    • Order Source: Restrict to only use this Parcel Account for certain order sources.
      • You must select a LOB in order to select an order source  

Pro Tip: Once the Parcel Account is created, it is suggested, at a minimum, run the Lookup Parcel Rate process to confirm you are able to pull rates. Another way to test is to create a test order and ship it out. If you are using a Production API Key, make sure to void the label after.