Receiving Troubleshooting

A list of commonly experienced issues and questions related to receiving and step-by-step solutions to solve them.

Receiving may seem like an easy part of owning a warehouse, but it can get complicated quickly and it needs to work smoothly so your operations continue. When a delivery arrives at your warehouse, you need to know what you are receiving and have a plan for what to do with the new inventory. Otherwise, you might lose track of it or have inaccurate counts of inventory on the floor. This article will lay out some common problems related to receiving and step-by-step instructions on how to solve them. 

How to Use This Guide

Below, you will find multiple different scenarios that could potentially cause issues for receiving in Infoplus. You can use the table of contents below to quickly navigate to the exact question you are interested in. Each issue has multiple troubleshooting steps to help you independently get to the bottom of the issue you are experiencing and solve it so you can move forward with your operations. 

Table of Contents: 

  1. Why did my ASN close when I received less than I was expecting?
  2. Should I use an ASN or not when receiving?
  3. I accidentally closed an ASN but didn’t receive everything I wanted to. What can I do?

Why did my ASN close when I received less than I was expecting?

This likely is because of Max Overs and Max Unders that are set when creating an ASN when you add SKUs under the Inventory Control section. 

These are values that are set when you make an ASN for each line item. It is set as a percentage. These values mean you are allowed to receive anything under the Max Overs percent or anything over the Max Under percent.

Max over/under can be defaulted at the line of business level. 

  • The default for Max Over and Max Under is set to 10%

For example, if you receive 45 items but expected to receive 50 items, and then receive the extra 5 later, Infoplus will close the entire line item on the ASN because it was within the acceptable threshold and you will not be able to receive against that ASN anymore. 

Pro Tip: Set the max over to 100% and max under to 0% if you want to receive the quantity shipped to you regardless if it was short or had overages. This basically says you can receive over 100% of the ordered quantity or down to 0% under the expected. This is a bit counter intuitive, as you might think 100% under is what you would need to set but this will result in a receipt closing out anytime you are short. 

Ie, if you expect 100 and receive 50, since 50 is within the "0% under" percentage range, the ASN will remain in a 'partial' status and the line is eligible to continue to receive against. Likewise, if you receive 150, you are still within your "100% over" range and will be able to report you received an overage. 

If you know you are not going to receive the full ordered quantity, you can manually close an ASN by the Close ASN action button within the ASN action menu. 

Should I use an ASN or not when receiving?

This depends on the type of business you run. If you know exactly what inventory you carry and how much of that inventory you might need, you can use ASN to understand your inventory levels.

If your business brings in items as they discover them or decide they would be a good fit on short notice, an ASN might not be a good fit and Quick Receipts might work better for your business. 

I accidentally closed an ASN but didn’t receive everything I wanted to. What can I do?

Unfortunately, you cannot re-open an ASN after it is closed. There are some options, however:

  1. You can duplicate the same ASN with the quantity you did not receive
  2. You can blind receive the remaining items
  3. You can quick receive the remaining items