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    Easy Shipping Solutions

    Shop Carriers in an Instant

    Not sure whether to use FedEx, UPS, or someone else? Find the carrier with the best combination of price, speed, and delivery record for every shipment.

    Integrate and Automate

    Achieve a quick and seamless workflow by integrating inventory management and shipping, then have both communicate with your carriers.

    Handle Compliance Easily

    Complete tracking and audit trails make it easy to keep up with licensing requirements for products that need special handling, like alcohol or THC.

    Get the Best Shipping Rates

    Query multiple carriers online—Fedex, UPS, DHL, regional carriers—and pick the best one based on geographic location, DIM weight rates, and more. Integrate further to ensure you follow their requirements for packing, labeling, and documentation. What You’ll Need

    Shipping and Inventory, Together

    A lot of things need to fall into place to ensure that fulfillment and shipping happen quickly and seamlessly. Infoplus organizes everything into a single workflow, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

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    Need to Ship a Controlled Substance?

    DTC alcohol shipping, neutraceuticals, THC—there are many products that are highly regulated. Infoplus makes it easier to track everything and create an audit trail for easier compliance.

    An example: Alcohol

    Expert Advice on How to Thrive in Warehousing this Holiday Season

    The holiday season is a big deal for retailers, and it means a busy time of year for warehousing and fulfillment as well. Our webinar, done in conjunction with eHub, will 

    • Common Peak Season Challenges—What they are, and how to avoid them
    • How Peak Season Impacts 3PLs—With lessons on how to scale any warehousing operation
    • What to do before peak season— It’s all about preparation; in fact, you can learn how to thrive during the rush!
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    eCommerce Shipping Made Easy

    Getting your products out the door shouldn’t be a hassle. See how Infoplus can help you integrate with the most popular carriers, streamline your shipping, and keep your overall costs down.

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