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    May 13, 2022

    Infoplus Product Update - May 13, 2022

    The Headlines:

    Infoplus released a product update last night. The highlight of this release is a bug fix that caused the mobile app to freeze during receiving and API V3 is officially available for all users! Continue reading to learn more about these updates and how they impact Infoplus users.

    • Bug Fix: "View/Print" Freezes Receiving Workflow
    • API V3 Now Available
    • Order Processing Speed
    • DevOps Projects to Stabilize, Scale, and Secure the Software

    Bug Fix: "View/Print" Freezes Receiving Workflow

    During the receiving workflow in the mobile app, if a user generates a Smart Documents, such as an ASN smart document, the mobile app can freeze when the user selects ‘View’ or ‘Print’ on the Smart Document. 

    With this product update, this bug has been squashed, and users should no longer experience freezing during the receiving workflow in the mobile app when clicking on ‘View’ or ‘Print’ for a Smart Document. 

    If you were utilizing the workaround (clicking ‘More’ and then clicking ‘Cancel’ to unfreeze the app, it should no longer be necessary.

    API V3 Now Available!

    It's finally here! Our development team has been working on publishing a new major API version (V3) from our Beta version. Before this update, Beta was the most up-to-date version of the Infoplus API. However, a Beta version is typically intended to be a versatile testing version of an API where we can add new features or take away to see the pros and cons.

    Now, we will have a Version 3 available to all Infoplus users. Version 3 is a carbon copy of the existing Beta API version. However, Version 3 will never change. Breaking changes will never be introduced into Version 3. This means you can confidently hook up your integrations to V3 and feel confident nothing will change that could cause a break in your integration. 

    Going forward, the Beta version of the Infopls API will be used for testing, adding, and deleting certain features. This version may change over time. 

    We strongly encourage users to switch their integrations from V2 or Beta to V3 at this time. All documentation around each API version is available on the Infoplus API Documentation Site

    Users can stay on Beta. Suppose there are any breaking changes introduced to the Beta API Version. In that case, we will alert users to this change and provide ample time to switch to the more stable V3 or make the necessary changes to Beta, so your integrations continue to work as expected. 

    Please Note: You may need to refresh your web browser cache to see v3.0 as an option on the API Documentation site. 

    Order Processing Speed

    Our development team is continuing to work on the Order Speed project. We are moving into the final phases of this part of the project. Currently, we are testing and verifying the development work done thus far. We expect users to see changes related to order speed within Q2.

    DevOps Projects to Stabilize, Scale, and Secure the Software

    Over the past two sprints, our development team has shifted some focus to stabilize, scale, and secure the software. This means we are looking at our overall health as a software, analyzing current relationships with external vendors, and tying up any loose ends related to security, speed, and performance. This effort is laying the groundwork for exciting future development. Our goal is to stay on top of our partnerships and integrations, which is why we've invested in a dedicated engineering resource to focus on continuous improvement for scaling, security, and staying on top of updates as the industry grows and evolves. 

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