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    October 21, 2022

    Infoplus Product Update - October 21, 2022

    The Headlines:

    This week’s release includes a few bug fixes and speed and stability updates to prepare for the increase end of year volume. Also noted are our new Return Shipments Table, Rate Limiting updates, and the cost-saving eHub integration with Infoplus. Continue reading to learn more about these updates and how they impact Infoplus users. 

    • Adding Two New Servers to Support Increased Volume Through the End of the Year
    • Updated Behavior for EasyPost Test API Key for UPS Shipments
    • Bug Fix: Deleting a User Doesn't Remove Associated Filters or Reports
    • Returns Shipments Table is LIVE!
    • API Rate Limiting Update
    • eHub: Now Available → Get a Free Cost-Savings Analysis

    Added Two New Servers to Support Increased Volume Through the End of the Year

    To prepare for the increased volume expected throughout the end of the year, Infoplus is adding two additional servers. As orders for the holidays pick up, Infoplus users should see the same processing speed as any other time of year. 

    Updated Behavior for EasyPost Test API Key for UPS Shipments

    Recently, UPS made a change where all tracking numbers that are associated with Test API Keys are the same. This update caused an error within Infoplus where it could not retrieve the tracking information from EasyPost when using the Test API Key for UPS. This update addressed the new Test API behavior so that users can use their Test API Key for shipping with UPS in Infoplus without error. 

    Bug Fix: Deleting a User Doesn't Remove Associated Filters or Reports

    When a user is deleted from Infoplus, any filters or reports created by that user were not getting deleted as well. This bug fix updates the behavior in Infoplus so that when a user is deleted, any filters or reports created are automatically deleted. 

    Reminder: Returns Shipments Table is LIVE

    Returns Shipment table in Infoplus is available for use! This table mirrors the same data available on the Shipments table, except for any return labels generated.

    You can keep track of all your return shipments, run reports and analyses on the data in this table, and see all your data (including tracking) in one place. 

    For more information on how this table works and how to utilize it, please reference this Knowledge Base article.

    API Rate Limiting for System Stability

    We recently implemented Rate Limiting into all live sites to deliver the best possible experience for all Infoplus users. Rate Limiting protects against slow performance, allows for scalability, and improves system stability. To ensure the safety of our API consumers and the API itself, we have determined the Rate Limit needs to be updated from 20 calls per user per second to 3 calls per person per second.

    We understand it may take time for you to develop around these parameters. Therefore, we will be moving first to 20 calls per user per second (currently live) and then to 10 calls per second by November 1st. After the holidays, we will slowly decrease the calls to our ideal goal of 3 calls per user per second.

    This new rate limit of 20 calls per user per second is currently active in all live client sites. If you exceed the new limit, you will receive a 429 error.

    If you need help optimizing your API calls in light of the Rate Limits, the Infoplus Professional Services team is available for hourly consulting and development. To request a consult with Pro Services, please submit a new ticket.

    eHub/Infoplus Integration is Live - Get a Free Cost-Saving Analysis Now

    Infoplus is proud to introduce a new partnership with shipping service eHub.

    The Infoplus/eHub integration will connect users to the eHub services, which can offer enormous savings on shipping costs. Access to eHub is now available to all Infoplus users. Please contact Bailey Clark to set up shipping with eHub or get a free cost-savings analysis.

    Here are some of the benefits of working with eHub:

    • Discounted shipping rates
    • 24/7 US-based carrier support (claims filing, pick-ups, etc.)
    • Faster label generation
    • Opportunity to support eVS
    • A larger pool of shipping carriers and service levels
    • Parcel Optimization Reports
    • Shopping Cart and marketplace integrations

    If you are interested in learning more about eHub and would like to explore adding the integration to your Infoplus site, please contact Bailey Clark.

    New and Updated Knowledge Base Articles

    We are always updating, editing, and adding new Knowledge Base articles to better address common questions and scenarios our clients bring to us. Check out these recently new or updated articles for insight into best practices within Infoplus:

    Don't Forget to Sign Up for Direct Connect Chat Support

    Sign up for our new chat support feature, Direct Connect. Get a response in 10 minutes or less from one of our trained support agents. Prepare for the holiday season and get set up with chat today. $295/month for 2 users. We are also extending chat support hours during November and December for added coverage during the busy season. 

    Click here to inquire about setting up Direct Connect Support. 

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