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Return Shipment Table

The Return Shipment Table is a new Infoplus feature that allows users to view all their return data in one place.

Return Label Management

After creating a Return Label, all labels are stored on the Return Shipments table. This table is a mirror of the Shipments table with the same functionality, including the ability to create reports, that can be shared with other employees or emailed to you on a daily basis. 

Steps to View Return Shipments

  1. Access the "Return Shipment" App. Two methods:
    1. Click the button in the upper left corner and select "Apps." Then click the "Fulfillment" App.
    2. Press the dot (.) on your keyboard, then select "Return Shipment" from the list of Quick Actions

  2. Search for returns using the column criteria at the top of the table. See Search Within Tables for more information. 
    1. NOTE: You can also add and remove columns from the table. See Show / Hide Table Columns for more information.

  3. To export a list of orders, click the Actions button and select Excel or PDF. See Export Records to Excel or PDF for more information.
  4. To Open a Return, click on the order record. The Viewing Return Shipment window appears.  

Review Return Shipment Record

Within a return shipment record, you can view the Lead Order, Return Parcel Label, and shipping details. Here's a sample portion of a return shipment record:

  • For a description of many of the fields above, see Create/Edit Orders
  • Blue text is a link to a related record.
  • At the bottom of the record, tabs of additional information display. Use the More Tabs button to add and remove tabs.

Additional Resources:

  • You can add custom fields on Return Shipment records.
  • There are read-only API endpoints that can be accessed externally or within Infoplus using an Infoplus script.