Product Updates, Bug Fixes, and New Features

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Product Update: Running Reports, API Updates, File Manager, Item Images, Case and Pallet Barcodes and more...

In this week’s updates to Infoplus - Running User Reports and Attaching Files to Records using the API, Management Table Sorting, Item Images in the Item Inquiry Warehouse App, File Attachments in the Job Inquiry App, and Using Pallet/Case/Inner Pack Barcodes to Identify Items.

New Features

Infoplus API - Run User Reports and Attach Files to Records

Two new features have been added to the Infoplus API:

  1. Run User Reports and get those reports back in a variety of formats including CSV, XLSX, PDF, JSON, and XML.
  2. Use the API to attach files such as images and documents to records in Infoplus.

Checkout the 2.0 and Beta APIs on the Infoplus Developers Portal

Product Updates

Management Table Sorting

The following tables are now being sorted by name in alphabetical order, making it easier to locate a row in the tables:

  • Users
  • Manage Smart Filters
  • User Reports

Item Images in the Item Inquiry Warehouse App

The Item Inquiry Warehouse App has been updated to display an item’s primary and pick image. Anytime a SKU appears in any of the warehouse apps, click or tap the SKU to drill down into the Item Inquiry app and view the item’s images.

File Attachments in the Job Inquiry Warehouse App

The Job Inquiry Warehouse App has been updated to display any files that are attached to a job. After scanning a Job ID into this app, a new “Files” section appears at the bottom of the page just below the Documents section.
Use Pallet, Case, or Inner Pack Barcodes to Identify Items in the Warehouse Apps
Items now have 3 new barcode fields: Inner Pack Barcode, Case Barcode, and Pallet Barcode. Use these new barcodes to identify items in the Receiving, Picking, Relocation, Cycle Count, and Adjustment Warehouse Apps. These Warehouse Apps will then display and accept quantities based which new barcode was scanned.

Knowledge Base Updates

New Articles

Updated Articles

Updated Item, UOM (Unit of Measure) and various Warehouse App articles (Receiving, Relocation, Adjustment) to explain new Pallet, Case, and Inner Barcode functionality  

Update Item Inquiry App article to mention item images displaying

Quick Fixes and Change Log

  • IPDESK-2422 - Wallboard refresh rate has been set back to once per minute (was once every 5 minutes).
  • IPDESK-2419 - Fixed an order importing issue from BigCommerce when the SKU was in all capital letters.
  • IPDESK-2418 - Changed the label from “Tracking No” to “Lead Tracking No” on the Order Line table to better define what the field represents. Also fixed a couple instances where the lead tracking number wasn’t showing up in this field.
  • IPDESK-2414 - Updated the Receiving app to not show search results for items that have previously been received.
  • IPDESK-2386 - Fixed an issue where the open order quantity for an item was being calculated incorrectly when the item was used with a Kit.


Topics: APIs, Warehouse Operations, Barcodes, User Reports

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