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    May 13, 2016

    Product Update: The Infoplus API

    Introducing the Infoplus API

    Integrate the functionality of the Infoplus platform directly into your other existing systems with the new Infoplus API (Application Programming Interface). The Infoplus API allows your company to have a deeper integration with your current systems and processes that drive your business.

    The Infoplus API allows you to:

    • Integrate Infoplus with the existing tools used by your organization.
    • Increase efficiency and eliminate errors by automating data transfer among applications.
    • Take control of your development timelines by building your own integrations with Infoplus. 

    Here are all the new resources to support the Infoplus API:

    Learn more about how API’s are changing the face of Logistics.

    Changelog: Release 39

    IPWMS-5032 When setting up a "Send Email" Trigger on a Smart Filter, error while trying to tye in an email address.
    IPWMS-5017 Perform work app enters loop when trying to put-away item that has a lot mixing rule conflicts
    IPWMS-4944 Expose the Receive Date of the oldest PO in a location in the Inventory Detail Table
    IPWMS-4942 Fix issue with transfers overstating inventory with use
    IPWMS-4935 Round 3 API Implementation
    IPWMS-4931 Errors trying to run casebreak for ML/Regal
    IPWMS-4930 Add LOB as a column and criteria on the Work Table
    IPWMS-4929 Longer text fields in Packing Slip Templates
    IPWMS-4928 Fix dropdown in all Management screens to enable inner scrolling
    IPWMS-4760 Publish API Documentation site for beta version of API
    IPWMS-4675 Fix Preview Packing Slip Template 
    IPWMS-4505 Put limit on size of exports from qdim table, to avoid crashes

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