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    September 15, 2023

    Infoplus Product Update - September 15, 2023

    The Headlines: 

    We're excited to share some significant enhancements that will elevate your experience with Infoplus. These updates are designed to make your Infoplus experience even more efficient and tailored to your needs. Keep reading for more detailed information on each of the following stories in this week's product update: 

    • Bug Fix: Unable to Ship with eHub with Future-Dated “Ship Date”
    • Bug Fix: “Ship Weight Outside Tolerance” System Tag not Applying to Backorders
    • Allow Item Receipt “Max Overs %” up to 700%
    • Allow Invoice Worksheet “Line Total” Values up to $1,000,000,000.00
    • Add Order Property Override to Ignore “Last Ship Date” when Calculating SLA Dates

    Bug Fix: Unable to Ship with eHub with Future-Dated “Ship Date”

    When shipping orders and selecting the “Ship Date” for the order, if a client was shipping with an eHub Parcel Account and selected a “Ship Date” in the future, the order would not be able to be shipped. Now, clients will be able to select future-dated “Ship Date” and be able to ship orders with eHub without issue.

    Bug Fix: “Ship Weight Outside Tolerance” System Tag not Applying to Backorders

    In the Ship Station mobile app, if users are prompted to weight check cartons and a carton’s weight is outside the expected weight tolerance, a system tag is automatically applied to the order to indicate this - “ipsys-ship-weight-outside-tolerance.” This tag was not automatically being applied in this situation to backorders; now, this system tag will be applied to backorders if their cartons are identified to be outside the expected weight tolerance at the Ship Station.

    Allow Item Receipt “Max Overs %” up to 700%

    “Max Overs %” is a field found on ASN line items (corresponding to Item Receipts) that indicates the maximum percent over the Ordered Quantity of the item that can be received. Previously, this value was set to only allow for a maximum of 100% over; now, users will be able to set the “Max Overs %” value up to 700%, which is especially useful if they are in a situation where they are unsure of the exact quantity of an item they will receive.

    Note: “Max Overs %” can also be set on Line of Business records, and can be set up to 700%; the value set on Line of Business records will be the default value set on line items on ASNs for that LOB.

    Allow Invoice Worksheet “Line Total” Values up to $1,000,000,000.00

    Previously, the maximum allowed value for “Line Total” fields on 3PL Billing Invoice Worksheet lines was $1,000,000.00. This maximum allowed value in “Line Total” fields has been raised to allow for values up to $1,000,000,000.00.

    Add Order Property Override to Ignore “Last Ship Date” when Calculating SLA Dates

    Part of Infoplus’ Insights module calculates SLA Dates on orders, which helps provide an indicator of when an order needs to be shipped out to meet service-level agreements. Part of the calculation of SLA Dates is based on the “Last Ship Date” value on an order (if there is a value present). 

    In some scenarios, users import orders from third-party integrations that include a “Last Ship Date” value. Currently, SLA Dates are calculated with this value included. However, users have expressed a preference for excluding the "Last Ship Date" value from these calculations.

    To address this, a new Order Property has been added, “Ignore lastShipDate when calculating SLA dates.” Setting this Order Property to be “True” within the Order Property Override table will cause “Last Ship Date” values to be ignored when calculating SLA Dates on orders.

    To Implement:

    1. Navigate to the Order Property Override table, click “Create New”
    2. Select “Ignore lastShipDate when calculating SLA dates,” and select an “Override Value” of “True.”
      1. This can also be limited to a LOB- or Order Source-basis by selecting a LOB/Order Source here. 

    Once this property is set to “True,” any order entered into Infoplus with a value in the “Last Ship Date” field will have that value disregarded during SLA Date calculations. Users will also notice an audit message within the order, indicating that the override property to ignore the "Last Ship Date" has been applied.

    Please note that the default setting for this Order Property is “False,” meaning that if a “Last Ship Date” value is provided, it will continue to be considered in SLA Date calculations, consistent with the current system behavior.

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