Infoplus 3PL Billing

Automated Billing, Reporting, and Invoicing for 3PL Warehouse Management Systems

Infoplus 3PL Billing

Capture the value you've created for your clients

Invoicing can be incredibly complex for 3PLs. When providing exceptional service it gives way to revenue opportunities. We're born from this world and we know when you choose to say "yes" to your customers, it's important your billing reflects that level of service. 

Chasing down notes, paper, parcel invoices and timesheets is just the bare minimum required in the 3PL industry when it comes time to invoice your customers. Infoplus 3PL billing pulls together every aspect of the service you're providing into a hub of billing activity to reduce your "Days to Invoice" and increase your cash flow.


3PL Billing and CaptureBilling Matrix

Create simple or complex rules and associated charges to automate billing around every aspect of daily operations. 

Key Features

  • Activity Audits - with a detailed record of every activity performed in the warehouse - organize, automate and bill for every day, touch, receipt, shipment and more.
  • Shipment Charges - when providing shipping services access to freight charges and a carrier invoice upload to invoice for every freight charge and accessorial.
  • Customer Agnostic - Create billing rules that cover every customer or one. 


3PL InvoicesInvoicing

Take your activity and turn it into an invoice on any billing schedule.

Key Features:

  • Smart Invoice Documents - Create and brand invoices for every customer and email it directly to them every month.
  • Invoice Worksheets- Portal and email access to invoice detail providing validation for every invoice created.


3PL Billing RulesCustom Billing Rules

Invoice how your business requires.

Key Features

  • Smart Filters - Create tiers of service around any billing rule or automate the one-off scenarios to capture every penny of revenue.
  • Tags / Triggers - Systematically tag activity or records to trigger charges outside of your basic billing rules
  • Billing Codes and File Manager - When invoicing for activity or documents outside of Infoplus, record them or store them directly with the associated record and automate invoicing around.


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