Infoplus Light Manufacturing

Kitting and Light Manufacturing for Warehouse Management Systems 

Infoplus Light Manufacturing

Control every aspect from components to finished goods and the process in between.

Kitting and Light Manufacturing are a reality for 3PLs as well as privately run warehouses. We know the challenges of doing it on the fly and the importance of getting ahead.  Building Kits or finishing the manufacturing process as demand comes is ultimately dependent on your business model and resources. Proactively managing inventory, processes and timing around this part of the operation can create a distinct advantage for your business. 

Infoplus Light Manufacturing puts the control in your hands. Produce on demand or schedule and execute ahead of time. Either way, a user defined and controlled manufacturing application such as Infoplus Light Manufacturing creates an environment for consistent, predictable results with a process you define.


WMS Light Manufacturing



WMS Light Manufacturing BOMRecipes

User defined inputs, outputs and everything in between.

Key Features:

  • Inputs - Define each production input and the quantity to use.
  • Production Process - Define stages of production and instructions. How are components picked, laid out, put together and let Infoplus Light Manufacturing manage the rest.
  • Outputs - Create a recipe for 1 or 100. Single use or repeatable. From demand or in advance. 


WMS Light Manufacturing JobsJobs

Turn components into sales.

Key Features:

  • Pick / Layout - execute the first step of a job with the rest in mind. How to pick and from where. How to layout and where. Maximize production output with a well defined first step.
  • Production Stages - Assembly line or individual builds are defined, tracked and executed based on your needs and capabilities. Define every step of the process no matter how many steps there are.
  • Putaway / Ship - Getting ahead on finished inventory or producing for current demand. You determine what the final step is.


WMS Manufacturing ReportsInventory and Analytics

Know how much you can make and when to make it.

Key Features:

  • Low Stocks - Tied into the core analytics of Infoplus allows for accurate demand planning on raw materials and finished goods. When to order more, or produce more based on predictive demand or set points.
  • Activity Audits - when running jobs as a 3PL ensure time and effort are invoiced correctly whether time and material or production based.
  • Analytics - User defined reports and metrics enable you to track productivity over time and improve production processes.


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