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    Your Data is Key to Your Success

    Plan your day

    Infoplus Good Morning Reports give you an instant daily snapshot of your upcoming workload and labor needs.

    Increase Labor Efficiency

    Optimize pick paths, manage schedules, and keep the goods flowing—Infoplus software allows you to do more with the same talent pool.

    Track Performance

    Get instant access to the warehouse metrics and KPIs that matter most to you. Track performance over time so you can make improvements.

    Measure What You Need to Measure, Instantly

    There are multiple ways to measure what goes on in any warehouse. With Infoplus, you can determine which metrics and KPIs you care about most, and then set up our system to track those metrics and KPIs in real time. Learn About KPIs

    Look Ahead and Plan Accordingly

    Having just the right amount of people is key to warehouse efficiency. Knowing what each day will bring is half the battle. Infoplus can help you predict the ebbs and flows in your warehouse and schedule accordingly.

    Learn Ways to Optimize Your Labor

    Not Meeting SLA’s? Find the Bottleneck

    Using Infoplus, you can track key warehouse metrics and do full audits of user activity. This allows you to pinpoint operational challenges and bottlenecks, then take action to correct them.

    Hack Your Warehouse Metrics

    The Comprehensive Guide to Warehouse Metrics, KPIs, and Benchmarks

    Your warehouse is outputting a ton of valuable information. So how do you use that information to improve performance? Download our in-depth white paper and learn:

    • The Importance of Warehouse Metrics and KPIs—and how they spur growth.
    • Which Datasets to Track—get the right metrics to reveal performance.
    • How to Obtain Industry Benchmarks—so you can compare your performance to an objective standard
    • Drive Continuous Improvement—there is always the potential for further development!
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    Warehouse Metrics, at Your Fingertips

    Take the guesswork out of running your warehouse. Explore how Infoplus can help you identify key performance indicators and metrics for your warehouse—and how to use them to run smoothly and efficiently.

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