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What’s Slotting, and Why Is It Important?


Inventory management and fulfillment tend to get a lot of attention in logistics circles, while receiving and put-away—sometimes known as “warehouse slotting”—are much less discussed (although we make receiving a prime focus of our “3 stages” white paper, available free for download).

That lack of discussion really is a shame, because few activities have as much effect on warehouse operations and efficiency as slotting does. This is the main reason why we love this piece, “8 DC and Warehouse Slotting Considerations for More Efficient Warehouse Operations” published by Cerasis on their blog.

Warehouse slotting is simply the art and science of placing and storing products in a warehouse facility in the most efficient way possible. The idea is to minimize the amount of warehouse space needed while also being sensitive to storage requirements, mixing rules, and picking paths.

The Cerasis article mentions several useful tips that might not be obvious at first—for example, looking at frequency of use, using forward staging, minimizing pick paths, and balancing all of this against appropriate slot sizes. It’s a good introduction to these ideas in nice, non-technical language, and so worth checking out.

A warm “Thank you” to Chuck Intrieri, the 3PL consultant who authored the piece. If you would like to learn more about slotting and the ways in which modern WMS and logistics software can handle it, take a look at Chuck’s piece and then contact us for the more details.

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