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Shipping/Fulfillment Overview

Quick overview of all the steps that need to happen in Infoplus to set up your fulfillment and shipping processes.

Shipping/Fulfillment is about allocating inventory, picking items, packing cartons, and shipping the orders. 

  1. Setup: To ship orders in Infoplus, you need to create parcel accounts to connect carriers (i.e., USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) to your shipping account. (This is typically done when Infoplus is first set up.)

  2. Fulfillment: Fulfilling an order consists of three phases: Allocation; Pick, Pack; and Ship.
    • In the Allocation phase, inventory in your warehouse is assigned to an order.  
    • In the Pick and Pack phase, pick work is created for warehouse personnel to go out into the warehouse and pick the items for the order; carton and packing slip decisions are made, and parcel labels are generated.
    • In the Ship phase, the order is shipped and the parcel shipment can be tracked in Infoplus. There are two ways to Ship Parcel Orders in Infoplus: Use the Shipping Station Mobile Floor App or the Ship Parcel Order Desktop App
You can perform the Allocation, Pick, Pack and Ship phases at once using the  Run Fulfillment process.
You can also separate the phases as needed. See the  Fulfillment Process overview for more information.  

NOTE: If you use an external shipping system (e.g. ShipStation) to ship orders, see the  Overview of External Shipping Systems.