Order Troubleshooting

Occasionally, Infoplus Users may encounter challenges with orders. Use this guide to walk through step-by-step troubleshooting to get your orders back on track.

Orders connect to many other important features within Infoplus, such as items, inventory, fulfillment, shipping, etc. So, if there is a problem with orders, it can cause a halt to production in multiple areas of your operations. This article will lay out some common solutions related to orders and a step-by-step guide to getting your orders processed. 

How to Use This Guide

Below, you will find multiple different scenarios that could potentially cause issues for orders in Infoplus. You can use the table of contents below to quickly navigate to the exact question you are interested in. Each issue has multiple troubleshooting steps to help you independently get to the bottom of the issue you are experiencing and solve it so you can move forward with your operations. 

Table of Contents: 

  1. My orders won't get out of the 'Pending' status
  2. My orders won't import into Infoplus
  3. I want to audit an order line on the Order Line table.
  4. How can I identify all my orders that have not been completed (for any reason)?
  5. What can I do when an order won't ship because of a Hold Code?
  6. Why can't I get a Parcel Label for my order?
  7. Why can't I edit my order?
  8. Why didn't my order go through fulfillment?
  9. Why does my order say it is not fulfillable?
  10. Why isn't cartonization working on my order?
  11. Why is my pre-allocated weight wrong?
  12. Why is my order in 'Pending" for so long?
  13. How can I cancel an order / Why can't I cancel an order?
  14. Why am I missing an order?
  15. The Order Date keeps changing when I view the Order Record

My orders won't get out of the 'pending' status

Note: Orders enter Infoplus in the pending status. They stay in this status while any pre-programmed triggers or scripts run against the order. The more actions that are set up to run, the longer the order might stay in Pending. Once all the actions run, the order should move to On Order status. 

Step 1: Check to see what scripts are running for newly imported orders. If there are more than 5 running, your orders could take a minute or more each to run through the processed status. 

Step 2: Check to see if your scripts ran successfully. You can use the audit action on the script table to check if any order scripts have failed. 

Step 3: Click on the order that is stuck in pending and use the Actions menu to perform an Audit and see if there have been any errors. 

  • If these steps did not reveal the root issue and you were not able to resolve it, please reach out to Infoplus Support for further assistance. 

My orders won't import into Infoplus

Option 1:  If the orders will not import via a bulk load, follow these steps: 

  • Step 1: Check the error messages on the bulk load summary page
  • Step 2: Check all your column headers in your excel spreadsheet to ensure you have all the required fields for an Order Bulk Load
  • Step 3: Make sure your file is a .CSV or an .XLSX (if it's an .XLSX and there are more than 3 numbers past a decimal point in the weight field, you will need to convert it to a .CSV)
  • Step 4: If your orders still will not bulk load, you can manually create orders on the order table. If you have a long list of orders to upload, you can speed up the process by duplicating orders and just changing some of the information in them manually. 
  • Step 5: Verify the correct option is being used for your bulk loading (Wide has a 25 line limit if you need more choose Tall)
  • For more information and all the specifications for uploading Orders in Bulk, take a look at this article Bulk Load Orders

Option 2: If the issue is from an automatic import (via a shopping cart), follow these steps: 

  • Step 1: Use the audit action on the order table to see if there are any errors noted for orders 
  • Step 2: If the orders are coming into Infoplus and not showing up on the Order table, then the orders are getting stuck in pending status. 
  • Step 3: If the orders are not coming into Infoplus, you will need to check your shopping cart connection. Verify the URL is not pointing towards the test site. If it is you will need to reconnect the connection. (Cart Rover, Amazon, WooCommerce, etc.) 
  • Shopping Cart Connections

    I want to audit an order line on the Order Line table. 

    We do not recommend performing an audit on orders from the Order Line table. Navigate either to the Order Table or the Audit Table to see this information. 

    Option 1 

    Step 1: Navigate to the Order table

    Step 2: Click on the order you want to audit

    Step 3: In the top right, click on the Actions drop-down and then select ‘Audit’

    Option 2 

    Step 1: Navigate to the Audit Table

    Step 2: Use the filters on the top of the table to search for a specific Order ID and then click on that order line to see all the actions performed on that order

    How can I identify all my orders that have not been completed (for any reason)?

    If the Completion Status for an order is No (N), it might be because of a Hold Code. Go here for a breakdown of how to understand and use Hold Codes.

    You can set up a smart filter on the orders table to see all orders that have a Completion Status of ‘N’ associated with them, which might indicate they have a Hold Code. Here’s how to do that: 

    • Step 1: Navigate to the Order table
    • Step 2: Add the column header for “Completion Status”
    • Step 3: Set the Completion Status column to show either all Y or all N, (yes or no), depending on what you are interested in seeing.
    • Step 4: Create a smart filter and name is something related to Completion Status
    • Step 5: This smart filter will help identify

    What can I do when an order won’t ship because of a Hold Code?

    Hold Codes serve two purposes in Infoplus: 

    1. A grouping mechanism that holds orders out of normal processes
    2. Controls whether an order is 'ship complete'

    There are 13 different Hold Codes in Infoplus. 

    If you have an order that is not shipping because of a Hold Code, you can remove that Hold Code by clicking on the order > clicking edit > clicking Actions > navigating to the Details Tab to change an existing Hold Code for that order. 

    Find more information on Hold Codes here

    Why can’t I get a parcel label for my order?

    Steps to take if you cannot get a parcel label generated for an order in Infoplus: 

    • Step 1: Is your order in the Processed status?
    • Step 2: Do you have a parcel account attached to the order?
    • Step 3: Is your carrier connected to the parcel account?
    • Step 4: Are you using USPS, do you have money in your EasyPost account?
    • Step 5: Are you using the wrong carrier for where you're trying to ship? 
    • Step 6: Are you missing commodity codes for shipping internationally?

    If you said yes to any of the above questions, this might be the reason your parcel labels are not generating. See if any of these items are true for your order and try processing it again. 

    Why can't I edit my order?

    There are two reasons you might not be able to edit an order on the order table:

    1. You cannot edit orders in the Pending Status. When orders are first imported into Infoplus, they enter in the Pending Status. This should only last a minute or two, and then they will automatically move to the On Order Status, and then you can edit the order. 
    2. If an order is in the Processed or Shipped Status (eg: it has already gone through fulfillment), you cannot edit the order normally. You can still make changes, but you will need to do it a little differently. Here's how to edit an order in the Processed Status: 
      1. Click on the order
      2. Click on Actions
      3. Click on "Edit Processed Orders" -- you can make changes to the order here. 

    Why didn't my order go through fulfillment?

    If you received an error during fulfillment, there are a few things you can check to uncover the error and correct it. 

    1. Check the “Fulfillment Process Log” table to find specific details about what errors were encountered during the process. 
    2. Check your Fulfillment Plan settings to verify the batch quantity
    3. Check the Smart Filter associated with the Fulfillment Process to make sure the order in question is included in that filter.
    4. Check to make sure that the order in question is in the 'On Order' Status. 

    Why does my order say it is not fulfillable?

    There are a couple of reasons why your order may say it is not fulfillable. Here are two things to check: 

    1. Check to see if you have enough SKUs on hand to fulfill the orders
    2. If you have enough SKUs for the order, navigate to the order that is not fulfillable and take a look at the Fullfilability Details Tab to get more information

    Why isn't cartonization working on my order?

    For cartonization to work, a few things must be true: 

    1. All items within the order need to have length, width, and weight set up for them at the item level
    2. Cartons need to be set up for the LOB that the order is through

    If you do have these two items set up, and you are still experiencing issues with cartonization, make sure the footprint information on all your SKUs is correct. If the issue persists, contact Infoplus Support. 

    Why is my pre-allocated weight wrong?

    If your pre-allocated weight is turning up wrong, check a few places to see what might be causing the discrepancy:

    • Make sure your item receipt for the SKUs indicates the correct weight 
    • If it is an “each”, make sure the weight reflects an each and not a case

    Why is my order in “Pending” for so long?

    1. If you have triggers running when new orders are imported into Infoplus, this might increase how long it takes for an order to go from Pending to On Order
    2. If you have a lot of triggers running and your orders are in Pending for longer than you'd like, see if any of the triggers running can be moved to “On Order,” combined, or eliminated
    3. Check the scripts running via triggers and combine or eliminate any if possible
    4. If bulk importing orders, import in smaller batches (~100 orders at a time)

    How can I cancel an order? / Why can’t I cancel this order?

    1. Check if the order has already been shipped and picked up by the carrier - if so, it cannot be canceled
    2. If the order has been shipped but NOT picked up by the carrier, you use the “Actions” dropdown to “Unship Order,” which will move the order back to a “Processed” state
    3. Then, you must use the “Actions” dropdown to “Unfulfill Order,” which will unallocate the order and move it back to an “On Order” state (ensure that inventory is put back to the location it was allocated from)
    4. Finally, you can cancel the order by using the “Actions” dropdown to “Cancel Order”

    Why am I missing an order?

    1. Check the “Audit” table filtering by a Record Type “Order” to check if the order has been deleted
    2. If the order has come through a Shopping Cart Connection, check the Alert table and the Shopping Cart Connection table for order import errors

    The Order Date keeps changing when I view the Order Record

    The Order Date changes multiple times during the order’s “life”. It updates when the carrier scans the order (specifically when the status of the order changes to Shipped), which can result in difficulties for reporting and tracking data.

    Here is what we recommend instead:
    We recommend using the Create Date field instead of the Order Date. The Create Date field is constant and never changes once an order record is generated in Infoplus.

    Create Date is also more precise as it includes the time the order was created.

    Another option would be to use custom fields to create a report based on the date an order was created within Infoplus.