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    Optimize Delivery Efficiency With Multi-Carrier Shipping Solutions

    Rate Shop Automatically

    Effortlessly compare and select the best shipping rates and services from 75+ carriers.

    Zero In on Value

    Choose a carrier that meets your requirements for pricing, speed, accuracy, and service.

    Apply Cartonization

    Boost shipping efficiency with intelligent packaging choices triggered by custom scripts.

    Why Settle for One Carrier?

    Let our software do the work for you. Simply set up your preferred carrier accounts and watch our system select the best shipping option for each of your shipments. 

    Rate Shopping Meets Packaging

    Streamline your shipping process with ease. Our software handles packaging selection, generates labels and tracking data, then rate shops upon insertion or update.  Download Case Study

    Multi-Carrier Shipping. Single-Carrier Simplicity.

    Explore our suite of solutions to optimize your shipping process with multi-carrier rate shopping. Our Retail WMS, 3PL WMS, and IMS systems are designed to span a range of industries.

    Retail WMS Ensure seamless order delivery. Go beyond finding the cheapest shipper and leverage our advanced system to calculate on-time data and assess the service track records of more than 75 different carriers. Explore Retail WMS
    3PL WMS When it comes to choosing a carrier, the impact on your bottom line goes beyond price. Our multi-carrier rate shopping software considers all delivery metrics, ensuring you make informed decisions that align with your business goals. Explore 3PL WMS
    IMS Streamline your shipping process and achieve optimal inventory control. We empower you to manage your inventory with real-time data insights that enable efficient order fulfillment and higher customer satisfaction. Explore IMS

    Carriers We Support

    Revamp Your Shipping Strategy?

    Prepare to unlock the power of our multi-carrier rate shopping solution. Contact us today to learn how Infoplus can revolutionize your shipping process.

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