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    Unpack a Plethora of Partnership Perks

    You already know and love the strengths of Infoplus, but wait until you see what we can offer in conjunction with eHub!

    Amazing automation.

    Industry-leading automation and machine learning software that identifies the best possible methods for grouping and processing your orders

    APIs for days.

    Between Infoplus and eHub, we have the proprietary APIs to keep you working smarter, not harder.

    Rigorous reporting.

    Granular data and reportingthat empowers you to make the best decision for your teams and your customers.

    Incredible inventory and order management.

    Precise and easy-to-understand processing tech means you know where everything is, all at once.

    Stunning savings

    Get the best possible rates from multiple carriers with next-gen shipping data analysis.

    Quality & quantity.

    Automated quality control that ensures you put your best foot forward, every step of the way.

    Unprecedented control.

    Purview over your entire fulfillment lifecycle, from receiving to shipping.

    Integrations galore.

    200 carrier marketplace and carrier integrations provide you with plenty of choices for your unique solution.

    Infoplus Fans, Meet eHub

    When our team met eHub, it was love at first sight! This partnership will allow you (yes you)  to manage your inventory, orders, and shipping from a single platform, with real-time updates and tracking information. With access to the best shipping rates, you will save on shipping costs and increase your margins. Additionally, you will benefit from the wealth of data available through the combined system, enabling your team to make informed decisions about your operations and supply chain management.

    So don’t walk, run to combine the advantages of this groundbreaking partnership, and say goodbye to your supply chain and logistics headaches!

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