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    January 21, 2022

    Infoplus Product Update - January 21 2022

    The Headlines:

    Infoplus is focusing on fixing outstanding bugs and software stability. To accomplish this, we released a few stories last night: 

    • The “Infoplus Support User” Cannot Be Edited or Deleted in the User Table
    • Bug Fix: Manifest batches now work with all carriers with no development intervention
    • Bug Fix: "Shipment Not Purchased" Batch Manifest Error
    • Bug Fix: SLA Status Updating Incorrectly on Shipped Orders 
    • Bug Fix: Bulk Edit Order Source to NOT Remove “Override Parcel Accounts”

    The “Infoplus Support User” Cannot Be Edited or Deleted in the User Table

    To prevent longer support wait times, the “Infoplus Support User” cannot be edited or deleted in the User table. This user does not count towards your total user count. The intention for the Infoplus Support User is for the Infoplus Support team to help troubleshoot and solve any issues you encounter in your unique Infoplus install. 

    Bug Fix: Manifest Batches Now Work with All Carriers with No Development Intervention

    Previously, if you created a batch manifest, you could not alternate between DHL and any other carriers, your site needed to be manually switched by a developer to configure with one or the other. 

    Now, you can first create a batch for USPS, UPS, etc., and then, without problem, you can also create a batch for DHL.

    Bug Fix: “Shipment Not Purchased” Batch Manifest Error

    A bug was discovered that caused users to encounter an error when attempting to create a manifest report for shipments that exceeded 10 order records. This meant if users created a manifest report for 10 or more orders in the same batch, Infoplus would return a “Shipment Not Purchased” error message. 

    Now, users can create manifest batches with as many order records as needed to fulfill orders with no errors.

    Bug Fix: SLA Status Updating Incorrectly on Shipped Orders

    A bug was discovered that caused an order that was set to “Shipped On Time” to miss its pre-determined SLA (Service Level Agreement). If this order was not Shipped On TIme (per the SLA set), the order should have been updated to “Shipped Late”, which did not happen. Instead, when the order did ship, Infoplus recalculated the SLA timeline and assigned the status of “Shipped On Time”, which was inaccurate. 

    To prevent this from occurring in the future, if an order is shipped and the SLA Status is equal to Past Due, the user should see the SLA Status changed to “Shipped Late” not to “Shipped On Time”. 

    Please Note: This feature is only available to Infoplus users who utilize Infoplus Insights.

    Bug Fix: Bulk Edit Order Source to NOT Remove “Override Parcel Accounts” 

    A bug was discovered that when a user was performing a bulk action on the Order Source table LOB table, and Order table, certain fields might get deleted unexpectedly. For example, on the Order Source table, if nothing was entered for "Override Parcel Account" during a bulk edit, the values that were previously in the order source records might get deleted.

    To fix this issue, a change was made to ensure that if a user performs a bulk action on the Order Source table, LOB table, or Order table, the only values that will change are the ones the user has selected. No other values will change.

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